Play with Others: The Road to 1K.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Play with Others: The Road to 1K.

1,000 Play with Others.

Completed tonight. This Challenge was a mixed bag for me.

I met some cool people, that were Randoms (at the time). And I definitely met a lot of A-holes.

All in all, I think most of the players I met, were just trying to get Quest stuff & Daily's completed (even at the expense of the mission).

I've been playing, on & off, since Day 1 (1st Achievement, on XB1 was 7-22-17). PL 134. 1226 Days logged in. All major events completed (except the flawless Hit the Road, although I never bothered trying). And I can honestly say, that 80-85% of my PwO's were done in Twine.

Here's my observations, during the course of this Challenge:

1) Most of the missions were BS Missions. i.e. Survivors, Ressuply's, Eliminate & Collect or Encampments. Maybe a little more than half.

2) When I first got into Twine, around 2017 or 2018 (back when Canny had placeholder missions, like Twine now), I was ecstatic to see other players. I knew (win, lose or draw) an effort would be made & that these players were seasoned (after slogging through Canny). Now? I'm not so sure anymore.

3) Kind of a continuation of #2. But how many people were carried into Twine & through into high-level content ?!? I try not to be a high-level snob & this game does an awful job at teaching you the in-game mechanics (i.e. Husk/Weapon Elements, matching Building Materials to those Elements, trap placement, the merits of upgrading Defenses, etc.). But some players put in ZERO effort. Why are you even playing?!?

4) These streamers (with 20 viewers, or so) doing carries, are ruining end-game content. I've seen numerous players rocking Twine Endurance/Frostbite Banners, that either: didn't know how to build or refused to build; which is fine, normally, but not in 140 & 160 Group Missions.


5) A lot of players don't seem to care about failing a mission. Or are ecstatic to pass a mission, when the Objective has 1% health.

6) A lot of players think a high Power Level corresponds to in-game knowledge. The f—ing snobbery is ridiculous. Players PL120+, editing builds (that they didn't place) because it's not their way or it messes with their O.C.D. There's usually multiple directions to trap & build, but these Fortnite Foremen like messing with other's builds & criticizing/critiquing.

Players not building or helping, around the Objective?!? Throw a couple pieces down & watch how quick one of these Fortnite Foreman show up. They won't help, they'll just supervise what you're doing.

7) When I got sick/disgusted with Twine, I would run a couple in Canny/Plankerton/Stonewood – hoping to help players (stuck in a rut, but trying). There were a few, but not many. Most of them were so focused on: trying to make you feel sorry for them & getting free stuff; building Trade Boxes around you; or dropping (1) Sunbeam or Sleek & pickaxing it, while emote-ing. I truly feel sorry for the legitimate players trying to get out of there & away from these players, but Twine is starting to see an influx of these s—heads.

All in all, these are just my observations & interpretations on my Road to 1K. And overall, I've had more good/average experiences than bad experiences. But this past month & this last 50 or 100 (Play with Others) have been awful; and has started to disgust me, a bit. I truly love this game. I just hope this isn't the direction we're heading in, as a playerbase.

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