Player Quality in Twine Has Plummeted Since v5.10

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tldr; Allowing players to skip to high-PL missions by getting carried through their SSDs is resulting in low-quality players in high-PL zones.

The level restriction implementation was a great start, but allowing players to get so easily carried into Twine is terrible. Twine is now full of players who do not know how to build, because they never had to learn, as they were carried through their SSDs by other players. Players new to PL 94-100 missions won't place traps because "I don't have any leveled up for this PL mission". This is the final region of the game; players should be properly equipped, and know what they are doing, by the time they get here.


The time people spent progressing through the old main-quests made them valuable teammates, as, by the time they reached Twine, and end-game, they had a good understanding of the game, knew how to build, and had useful schematics due to all the missions they had to go through to get here. Now, I have to nearly solo many Twine missions, because the other three players are standing around talking about trading malachite while the main objective is active, or they're running around the map using turrets to do storm chest/encampments, leaving me to build the towers, rescue the survivors, or find the modules (the turret is another issue, itself, making players lazy and unwilling to learn to play their character well, or put for an effort). This is not the Twine I know.

R.I.P. Twine Peaks
July 25, 2018

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