Please be conscious of how you treat others in STW.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Please be conscious of how you treat others in STW.

I am writing this after having a completely unprovoked and unpleasant exchange with another player.

I joined a public PL160 Ride the Lightning game which already had three players in it. I always look at the classes of my team mates before choosing my own, and always use a Constructor for these missions if there isn't at least a Base Kyle or other defense based Constructor on the team.

I noted that there was one Outlander, and two Constructors already: a Base Kyle, and a Power Base Knox on the team, so I chose to be Paleo Luna as I've used all of my hero superchargers on her and have a very powerful sword build.

I joined, and instantly travelled to the objective to start building defenses. I was the first one there. The one Constructor said "I don't know why people join missions and not choose Constructor", to which the other Constructor agreed and said it's because myself and the Outlander are leechers.

I replied saying I'm not a leecher and am actually building at the objective (he was standing on the other side of the map). He proceeded to tell me to "shut the f*** up and carry on farming, leecher", and looked me up on Fortnite DB. He said "Nice account. You haven't done Twine Endurance or MSK. Stop leeching off us builders". He then told us he is going to let the mission fail and refused to build or contribute because we are "f*****g leechers". I asked why we need four Constructors in the game when we only have one objective to defend and can all build regardless of class, but he didn't reply and just said I'd been reported for being an "AFK leecher". I left the game, reported and blocked him.


I decided to look him up on Fortnite DB myself, and he has logged in for almost three years which is three times longer than I've been playing. We are both PL130, though. I have only attempted the MSK about 15 times when I hit PL122, mostly with randoms which didn't go well, and have little interest in completing Twine Endurance as I didn't really enjoy doing the other ones and don't care for the banners.

Am I missing something, and are non-Constructors really considered "leechers" in this game? I really don't understand his reasoning or why you need four Constructors in a match, but if I'm wrong, I'm always willing to learn.

I know what I've written probably sounds petty to a lot of people people, but the reason I'm posting this, is I've been in a severely bad place recently and this just left me feeling awful, leading me to turn the game off. I play STW as somewhat of an escape, and most days, it's the only thing that I can really enjoy. Please be aware of how you speak to others, as we're all just trying to have fun, and you don't know what other people are going through.

On the plus side, I've met some really good and helpful people in this community that make playing an absolute pleasure, and to all of you good folk, thank you.

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