Please don’t ban AFK players, Much better Idea

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The whole AFK Leecher issue has become one of the biggest threats to Fortnite community. So far EPIC has done nothing but lip service even though they have received hundreds of thousands of reports through their "Player Reporting System" ( Quotes because we all know all those player reports go straight to the trash. )

Of course, people here would say they should be banned, yet they paid for the game. They should be able to "Play how they want to play". Of course, that doesn't mean we can't punish them in more "creative" ways without affecting everyone else.

For those who been gaming since the 90's their has been a famous form of punishments known as "Troll Punishing" – where you don't ban them, but force them to play with their own ilk.

What do I mean? Accounts which have been flagged for being AFK Leeching will be forced in a "AFK Player Pool" so they can only match with other AFK players. That's right. Their matches will consist of literally 4 people going AFK and then yelling at each other that no one is doing anything. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be?


P1: "Oh my god what the fudge? Some one build the base

P2: AFK at Spawn

P3: Storm Chest?

P4: Builds base hidden in corner of map

P1: Hello? Oh my god you guys are such FB

P4: STFU newb, it is not like you are building a base either. Also I got Level 103 Grave Digger will trade at my HB will give permissions.

Which means if they quit fortnite because they only get matched with their own kind, No one cares they are a cancer to the community.


If they want to improve their ways – THE ONLY WAY – is if they spend minimum 1 week ( minimum 12 hours ) fully contributing to every mission with 0 AFK timer on any map. Everytime they AFK in general player pool their punishment doubles in AFK Player pool.

Why is this more effective than banning? When you ban a player they will likely repeat the same behavior, especially more well-off players will just buy another game. In this method, they will always have 0 progress unless they change their ways.

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