Please Epic, because we love the game.

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So I normally never say a thing or keep my opinion to myself but I wanted to throw an idea out there. Not sure if something like this has been posted before, I couldn’t find anything.

In my opinion and a bunch of people around me agree, epic should put a big break on adding content and actually start fixing the game. This is just feedback from someone that started playing this game pre seasons and have experienced all the changes made.

First and foremost, the servers. When the ping info got added (I believe this was season 2) I had a 9 ping. I haven’t changed my internet at all (which is more then decent, EU server) and yesterday my ping was varying between 15-50 in game. There was an update at a certain point where they stated they improved server stability. I think there needs to be a good look at this point because I feel like that every content update is making the servers more laggy, which for example is that when achieving the victory royale it lags so bad that you don’t know what’s going on…


Second, are some of the items that are added recently. I understand that meta changes all the time which is fine by me. I do believe, that planes need some changes, I feel like you shouldn’t be able to just fly through structures without taking any damage. IMO it should have a high risk, high reward kind of feel to it. That you need to take damage if you want to do stuff like that. Good example is the Winter Royale semi finals from yesterday, the amount of times that someone just flew through structures, got a kill without any harm to themselves was insane to me, especially because of the fact there is a gun on top which will help the player/plane as well.

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I’m loving the mobility that has been added, with the plane/quadcrashers/ziplines and all the other stuff but please take a look at it.

Last but not least, the Infinity sword. To me this should be an LTM like the Thanos Glove LTM. This item should not be in normal game modes and especially not in the competitive modes. (Like the Winter Royale/Pop Up Cups)

I’m only taking my time to post this because I absolutely love this game and I might get a lot of hate on this one but hey, that’s part of the deal right?

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, I would love to hear your opinions.

Sending peace and love.

clarified what I meant with my ping issue. 🙂

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