Please Make Bull Rush & Plasma Pulse More Useful.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Please Make Bull Rush & Plasma Pulse More Useful.

(i have no rush for these changes its just suggestion and hope epic takes it in consideration)

Constructors means building, trap tunnels & close combat with little crowd control skills,

but bull rush and plasma pulse doesn't do their work well or not much useful/hard to use because they dont have good range/area effect or long cool down or takes time or setup to use them.


Bull Rush:

  1. bull rush has 15s cool down which really is be so please reduce the cool down of bull rush by 3-4 seconds making it more useful same as dragon slash.
  2. as a cc skill it has very low area of effect so please increase the effect area of bull rush to 0.75-1 tile so it will be useful same as dragon slash (but not damaging as dragon slash) and constructors will have some proper cc skill.
  3. with trap tunnels there comes issues of propane so Constructors should be able to remove left over propane tanks without triggering them by using bull rush. (was also thinking of unique gadget/s for each class hero would be great.)
  4. and also since bull rush is like pushing with wall, please make it so during bull rush died enemy doesn't do death burst damage to Constructor.

Request: Please give back material farming on Bull Rush while using Striker A.C.'s tac support. (maybe reduce the amount of structure we can destroy to balance it.)

Plasma Pulse:

  1. if Plasma Pulse is meant to be Burst cc skill it really need re-work because it takes time to deploy and also it drops pulses randomly at random area and is slow so many/most times misses enemies. so if it is meant to be burst damage then it should drop plasma pulse in all direction together in proper flow and little bit faster.
  2. reduce the cool down for plasma pulse by 5s minimum it will make players able to use more often and since its not burst instant damage like shock wave or shock tower it will be helpful on trap tunnel's end to finish off left over low health husks. (while player check on other side's traps and spawn point.)
  3. or making it full burst damage but lesser up time with lower cool down will also make it really good and will make constructors more skill based and fun to play.
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Request for Decoy: please add mist monster attraction back while adding 2-5 mist monster limit and 1-2 smasher limit on it.

My reasons to ask for these changes:

currently from my opinion constructor is expensive class to use or to be dissed by team mates for being useless class,

since constructors don't have weapon buff perks and only 1 hammer perk which happens on crit and is close combat skill you are left on support of you traps and teammates specially if you are same/low level for that mission,

making trap tunnels is expensive if its only you making them and teammates are not helping for it, you have to use your building mats and traps and also maybe make them fully t3 to make sure they doesn't get blown up by propane,

and since you are constructor most people expect you to build and upgrade everything since you are not bringing much of offence power specially if you are not building trap tunnels, and it's kind of agreeable because as a team member you have to do your part so if you can't do offence part it's your responsibility to do defense part which is building and killing husks that survived or escaped your teammate's eyes.

that's why i want these changes to make constructors little more viable in fights and have some escape/cc or burst damage skills to help them out while making little bit more skill based fun class rather then working hard and building everything then just sit back and keep eyes open for left over from traps instead when they can have some fun while fighting on fighting ground leave remaining work on traps.


also i forgot to mention how terrifying costly trap tunnels are if it's moving storm(spawns) instead of fixed.

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