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Like the title says, it'd be great if alert limits were simply removed from the game, or if the system could at least be reworked to allow us to play reward missions without having to claim the rewards. It sucks when an alert with terrible rewards comes up but it's something that you need for your quest or is the only thing giving the EXP you need and then afterwards you're locked out of an alert that actually gives a decent reward. It'd be an easy fix if either:

A) Alert limits were removed entirely. Alerts aren't even close to giving good enough rewards to justify locking people out of receiving more of them after claiming just a few of them. Decent rewards are few and far between and end up getting missed because people have been locked out of receiving them for doing quests in alerts with terrible rewards.



B) Make claiming an alert reward optional. It'd still be an obnoxious system, where every alert completed would ultimately mean that the player is gambling that nothing better comes up in the next four hours while he waits for his cooldowns, but it'd still be a much better system than we have now. It'd keep somebody from having to use up an alert reward on 600 survivor EXP to help out somebody in Plankerton or to do their Play With Others daily, and would then allow them to use that reward on something that's actually useful, like an Epic Transform Key. Those two things are clearly not of equal value so they shouldn't be weighted as such in the first place, but if they're going to continue to be weighed as such then receiving one of them needs to be optional while still allowing players to complete whichever missions they like.

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