Please up the mineral powder drops to 100%.

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The bacon change is nice but I've never had a shortage. What I do run out of is Mineral Powder. It takes hours of farming to get a few hundred from rocks. It's absolutely ridiculous. We should be getting one from each rock. If I break a hundred rocks I should have 100, not 25. If I spend a some hours breaking 2,000 rocks I should have 2k of those freaking things, not 200. Farming is part of the game but should not be this tedious. You break stuff and you should get the materials that make up that item, it's as simple as that. Rocks should have both ore and mineral powder, not one or the other. Cars, we should always get nuts and bolts, mechanical parts, and metal from each car, not 1 or 2 items. It makes no sense that an object does not always give you what its made from. Malachite ore always gives malachite, quartz crystal always gives ore, Coal deposits always give coal "among other sources", rocks and other objects should also 100% do the same.


PS: I'm a trap whore who likes to build big defenses in my stormshield missions "David Dean style" and I also build and use traps in other missions. That is what this game is about. I'm in Twine and it's become more of a problem because sometimes I'm finding brightcore, sometimes it's fine grain powder or char black. This is 3 different things coming from the same rock and only sometimes. A little of this, a little of that. I can't upgrade all of my traps to one mineral powder because of this. That makes more than one reason mineral powder is the biggest pain in the ass in all of Fortnite. You get different kinds from the same rocks and you don't always get one. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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