Poor moderation and issues on this subreddit

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Poor moderation and issues on this subreddit

Br posts ——————

We’ve always had br posts on this subreddit. The main response we’ve always had as to why they can’t be fixed is:

• ⁠Press the "Report" button under the post title or body ⁠• ⁠On the mobile app this can be accessed by tapping the 3 dots near the post title. • ⁠Select the first option "It breaks
FORTnITE - Poor moderation and issues on this subreddit

r/FORTnITE's rules" • ⁠Select the appropriate rule (in this case, relevancy) • ⁠Press submit.

We'll take care of it as soon as possible.

Now idk about you, but when you’ve got a team of 10 mods (not including bots), I wouldn’t expect it to take over an hour for it to get taken down right? Well as you can see here (I can provide more evidence that I reported it too if you need it). Are you moderators? Or people that have moderating powers. Now I know what you’re about to think about right now mods “We are just volunteers! We aren’t payed by epic! This isn’t our job! We can’t be on Reddit all day. If it’s really that much of problem, where you don’t have people to check and moderate posts, why don’t you maybe, get some more mods or new mods that are actually dedicated to the subreddit. Theres a lot of people dedicated to this community that would do an amazing job of modding on this subreddit. And many people have applied. Wait….. you haven’t been responding to some people about possibly being a moderator. There’s people that applied months ago with no response. It’s almost as if you don’t care. Oh wait that’s true 😒.


Also can we also have a minimum karma limit? I remember you saying you wouldn’t add one even though the br sub had it. Your reason was “the br subreddit is bigger” but considering I’ve seen subs with less than a thousand members have karma limits for posts, I don’t see why this can be used as a reason for their not being a karma limit. Another thing you could do is auto remove posts with words like “galactus” in, or really obvious stuff that would be in a br post. Cause no stw player is going to be talking about galactus in their post title.

Post removals ——————————————-

I completely understand why you need to remove posts on certain topics. Some things have been overdone like haha I’m pl 69 pls laugh. Yes, please continue to take them posts down. But some removals are like whaaaat. This post right here: link got removed for not explaining why the hero loadout is useful. Sure I’d get if you just put a picture of a bunch of teddy buffing heroes with no title that would be a little confusing. But that post, was not a guide. It was a joke, a very obvious one. Let’s see another example of a post removal. This one here , it’s a joke about traders. But apparently this one got removed for “No begging or selling”. Is it not obvious that maybe it’s a joke you know? The mods do not seem to enjoy jokes for some reason. Some stuff doesn’t make sense, and it confuses me as to whether mods actually look at the posts again. Again please tell me reasons as to why these posts negatively affect the subreddit.

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