Positive changes thread.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Positive changes thread.

The negativity is really annoying. There’s other ways of getting your complaints to epic without being 100%, so to change it up, here’s some things that has made STW alot of fun to play especially recently- feel free to add some in the comments.

  • Event heroes and reskins are very good- Urban Assault, Machinist, Raider, and Dark Viking are all very good and usable heroes, with apparently more to come. Remember the days of Archaelo?

  • Reperk items in the Weekly shop, and one of the best guns in the game in the Event store, plus a very good Hammer with a unique ability that can get away from melee’s biggest weakness.

  • Even though a little tough to get, Birthday Llamas handsomely rewarded players for their time put in.

  • Canny act 1 was excellent, the biome, music, and characters were all very involving, and Syd is a blast to play.

  • Even though it has it’s baggage, the control panel is a nice addition. The voting system prevents people starting it early without any defenses.

  • Voice chat in-game is nice.

  • Super shielders and Zappers aren’t just dumb husks you can ignore, which is good. Though the shield health may be overtuned, I feel like these two husks are a good addition to the game.

  • Hero balance changes; basically making everything more fun to play.

  • CTH with amazing rewards and huge solo carry potential, which not only adds a little friendly competition, but a really satisfying feeling when you come out in top with 14k.

  • Melee changes. Though still weak, it’s not because of the weapon anymore, but rather the AOE husks- namely bees. It used to be both, so IMO this is one of the biggest improvements.

  • Roadtrip items are great-on top of 2 great heroes we get overall amazing weapons, namely the Dragoon. It’s alot of fun to play with these additions.

  • Not just Soldiers anymore. Now that they’re using the soldier model on other classes, it isn’t just soldiers anymore. A BR skin used to mean an instant soldier- which isn’t the case anymore. IMO- a very good design change.

  • Accuracy changes. Everything feels better to shoot across the board. While the rocket ADS is annoying, it is unintended and will eventually get fixed, and plus everything other than that is great about this change. If you haven’t yet, try shooting a siege with the new accuracy system. Or a founders rev. Or basically any gun. It feels so much better.

  • No durability removes on death, so now I can shift of the end of the map at the end of the game without worries!

  • Unique bindings for both gamemodes.

If you can think of other positive changes they’ve made recently, comment it. I hope this gains traction because the hate CJ is borderline toxic and gives this sub a bad face.

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