Possible changes of the game?

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Dear Game Dev's,

first of all let me thank you – you guys are doing an awesome job developing this game! I love how you listen to the community and their wishes. However, nothing is perfect and everything, including Fortnite – Save the World, can be improved! Here's some personal feedback of a PL 120…

Research Tiers / Points

As stated above, I'm PL 120. Got my squads all set up with mythic leads and legendary survivors. Everything is maxed out BUT my research tiers. I've been playing this game for exactly 103 days straight now and i'm currently missing 38 nodes in research tier 3 and 104 nodes in research tier 4. Doing the maths, this means i need 518 600 research points or, speaking in days, 132.56 days (assuming i never forget to collect points) to finish it up completly. Since i am already maxed out on the survivor part, i'm pretty much maxed out on all the heros that i want to play aswell, the only thing left for me to do is finishing up my research tiers. But there is one problem – I can not do anything to progress with this goal or to speed things up so i can reach it faster. 4 ½ months is a freaking long time and only thinking about it makes me already extremly demotivated.

How to improve this? The key word here has to be boosts from my point of view. Implement a boost into the game that doubles your research point regeneration rate. There can be 3 different kind of boosts – 1 day, 3 days and 7 day boosts, each more expensive. Let them cost some Vbucks (that would be a Pay 2 Skip variant), Seasonal Gold, Daily Coins or inlcude them in Llamas like you are doing it already with the player exp-boosts (1 day boosts in normal Llamas, 3 day boosts in Silver Llamas and 7 day boosts in Gold Llamas).


I dont really trade in this game but i see a lot of people chating about trades in global chat and on other platforms. What keeps me away from trading is the fact that it is 100% trustbased and one party of the trade is always in the advantage. Right now it goes the following: Trader A joins Trader B, both load into Trader B's StromShield and from that point on Trader B is in the advantage because he can give and take building and editing privileges. That's not how trading should go.

How to improve this? Traders need a system that equals out the advantages for both sides. One way to do it would be including a trading option. Player A types /trade PLAYERNAME in chat while being within the same tile as player B. That should send a trade invite (shown in chat, maybe even with a little sound) to player B, who has to accept or deny it by typing /accept or /deny in chat. To prevent spamming this, a cooldown should start after denying, which increases after each time the request was denied (30 sec / 1 min / 5 min / 30 min / 60 min). When both players accepted the trade request a window should pop up for those two in which each party can put the stuff they want to trade in. Once this is done both parties should „lock“ their own window by clicking a button in the window and recheck if the other person put in the stuff they agreed on. While your window is locked you cannot change anything in your window. Once both checked the windows, both should click a „do trade“-button that perfoms the trade. The state of a locked window can be shown by putting a colored frame around it. With this 2-steps mechanism you pervent it scams (if you do not realize the other party put in something completely different in the tradewindow you should stop trading). Defenders In all of my 103 days of playing this game i used a defender once. I immediatly realized they are not even worth the time and effort to place them. They eat through your ammo, through your weapon durabilty and are not that smart when it comes to shooting the right stuff (No i dont like you shooting the propane tanks in my killbox, thanks) How to improve this? Make them less expensive to use (ammo and durabilty wise) and give them a sightly more intelligent AI when it comes to shooting (please spare my killbox). That would already help out a lot. But why do they have to shoot in the first place? Why can't we have a subclass of defenders that keep the base in shape and run around in a certain area and repair damaged walls (only repairing not replacing). They would need resources to do the job so you have to give them some of your resources. The bonuses of these subclasses could include repair speed, resource cost reduction and area covered by the defender (just to name a few).

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Making Missions more interesting


I've played a lot of MMOs before joining this game and in every MMO, with or without an open world, there's been maps with Minibosses roaming the area. Why isn't that the case in Fortnite – Save the World? I think mission can get a lot more interesting when you know that their could be a Miniboss (or maybe a band of 3 or 5?) roaming around the map, each with their own perks and you have to be on the look out whilst running around. Right now there is no real challenge on the map when you're base is not getting raided. (sorry if i hurt your feelings big purple guys). Maybe even include some rewards for killing the Miniboss/es to make it worth killing them.

Random Start Timers for Certain Missions

Why is the storm so predictable? I mean, the husks are after us. Surely they won't send us an email „Hey we are going to raid your base in 8 minutes, prepare some defences so we can't make it!“. They would surely start raids whenever they want – not whenever i'm ready to be raided. This should be implemented in some missions. For example in Evacute the shelter. You join in, you kill the raiding husks and then you got 10 minutes to build up your defences. So instead of having this appointment with the husks when to start the raid, there should be a possiblity that the raid starts ahead of the timer. Maybe include a chance of 5% that the raid starts after 6 minutes already not 10 minutes without Ray telling you before (6 minutes is plenty of time to build some walls and traps).

New Mission-type: Protect the fort

We have a nice mission type in the tutorial but not in the actual game. I remember playing Ramirez and i had to run to a pre-build fort and help some AI-controlled defenders to protect their fort. Why is that only in the tutorial? I think this would make a great type of mission aswell.

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Afkers/Leechers in Lobbies

The problem is self-explanatory. The solution aswell. Implement a kick system (much like the voting system to skip a day in Survive the Storm / Difficulty Pylon right now). To kick a player someone has to type /kick PLAYERNAME in chat and everybody has to agree to kick him. If one guy clicks no, a cooldown kicks in to prevent spamming (just like explained in the Trading topic). To prevent low-level players joining into high-level mission to leech – implement a level-cap so people lower than X amount of levels of the mission cannot join in on their own. If they get „dropped“ in by a friend and the friend leaves, they should be removed aswell. Only when they join with a group of 4 or with the lobby being set to friends / private they should be able to ignore the level-cap.

Changing Schematics

It happens to everybody – You accidently choose the wrong schematic while evolving. Some people want Obsidian weapons but most people want Shadowshard weapons. I see the usefulness of both kind of weapons and i think you should be able to switch between those by yourself. There should be a button on the inspect-window of the schematic that lets you change the schematic back and forth, each time requiring some schematic-exp and some evolution-materials. That would help out players big time and would reduce the amount of support tickets floating in a great deal i guess. (@Epic Employees: If you read this – I got that problem with a gun and my ticket has been unanswered for over 2 months now.. Need help 😀 )

Pre-set Hero Squads

Easily explained – It would be really nice if you could save some sort of „loadout“ regarding your main hero, support and tactical hero to switch it nice and fast. So you can have a „Ninja Dragon Squad“, an „Urban Assault Squad“ and a „Power Base Squad“ saved and switch between them by the click of a button.

These are some of my thoughts regarding „How to imrpove Fortnite -Save the World“. If you made it this far – thanks for reading! 🙂


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