Possible Fix to prevent Taxis

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This post is verbatim from my post 3 months ago, but edited slightly as I've now hit twine and can talk about it

So. Over the last few hours I’ve sat and thought about how Epic could possibly fix the current taxi issues we have in Canny Valley and Twine Peaks. And still have it accessible for those who could do higher PL zones than what their base PL is.

Restrictions should be done by PL and Story progression for region access.

Make the rocket launch missions a compulsory requirement to travel to any region regardless of if you are in a party

If you’ve not done “Van or Astrovan” you cannot access Plankerton through public match making.

If you’ve not done “Plank Off!” You cannot access Canny Valley through public match making.

If you’ve not done “Blasting Off” you cannot access Twine Peaks through public match making.

Mission sectors would then be held behind PL unlocks. (Will only show if you're 12 pl below the mission. so a PL 50 could see PL 62 missions, but not PL 70 ones) this was a concern on my last post, took into consideration that missions progress in increments of 6 PL


If you invite someone who isn't in the region or within the 12 PL zone limit for the mission you're trying to start (or are already in) they are removed from the lobby and returned to mission select .

Example to this restriction being:

Player 1: PL 52 (party leader)

Player 2: PL 20

When player 1 loads a mission in CV that is requires PL 64 it will let him join, but return player 2 to the lobby with a error message: “You have not progressed into this region, continue progressing the story to access this region”

or it could a complete return to lobby with the message "one or more players are below the mission recommended for public play, switch to private mode to continue "

if No is selected, it disbands the lobby, and if yes is selected, it sets the lobby type to private and starts to load the mission.

This feature would be ignored if the lobby leader was the PL 20, both players could then do any mission within the PL 20's unlocked limits on public matchmaking.

EDIT: Just realised I explained a thing twice, removed one copy of it

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