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FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Potential map rework suggestion

Get the old twine map back and instead have a "Bridge" mission which is a 20-40 minute long defense which leads to the next zone. It is going to be filled with hordes of 140-180 husks who keep getting stronger as the defense goes ahead, and by hordes I mean something that makes a 4x look easier by comparison. Stack every single negative modifier possible (excluding exploding deathburst because that might make it impossible as I'm fairly sure its damage scales with the husk's pl, even if it doesn't, I would never recommend it). By hordes, I mean that have a constant smasher wave with other waves cycling in and out, with atleast 1 miniboss spawning every 10 minutes. This makes every tile you can build near the defense extremely valuable, and thus people will be forced to trap very heavily Considering that the new zones are something for something for endgame players, said players also need to be good at the game. At the moment, twine peaks is filled with players who got to "Endgame" due to the xp boost, but have almost no knowledge about the game itself. It is very frustrating to see someone build out of metal in a nature storm, more frustrating when its a pl 126 mission, so a mission like this where every tile is valuable, and every player is valuabe, will separate the good endgame players from the bad one. Subsequently, remove tier 5 materials from 94 zones completely and only give tier 5 materials as a small reward from pl 100 missions by doing encampments or radar towers in tiny quantities, so that people have more incentive to do this bridge mission, and thus have more incentive to actually get better at the game. People doing this mission will need to be moving and contributing as much as they possibly can, otherwise it can lead to the entire team failing the mission. This prevents people from afking and leeching said mission because after they fail the defense 2-3 times, they'll realise that they need to actually help in the mission. Possibly advertise the official discord so that people can team up with others so they can co-ordinate and come up with strategies to take on this. With that being said, it should also include more incentive to actually go to these tougher zones. Increase evolution materials in these zones, increase the chance of missions giving perk up and potentially, have a mythic lead once every 2.5 weeks in a 128 4x, so that people actually want to go into these zones. When higher zones first came out, I thought that it would be an escape from bad twine players, but it is an absolute nightmare instead. This should fix the problem, by atleast a tiny bit. I mainly took this suggestion from frostnite and how much I enjoyed it. The 128 one was tough, and worth it to try over and over again to finally win it. So yeah, just a suggestion to separate good and bad players along with giving bad players in twine a good reason to get better at the game.


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