Power level, Survivors, and FORT Stats 101

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Posting this to help some of the new players out who are confused about all the in-game numbers and levels. This post is long so pack a lunch.

~~ F.O.R.T and Power Level ~~

Fortnite uses a system with F.O.R.T. stats that determines your overall PL (Power Level). A person’s power level is displayed in the top left corner of the main menu. F.O.R.T stands for Fortitude (Health), Offense (Attack), Resistance (Shield), and Tech (Trap/Ability damage). These stats can be viewed by hitting start on your controller or clicking the settings icon on the top right (the three lines) in the main menu. One point is a 1% increase for that particular stat over your base stats.

Power level is a measure of the overall level of your F.O.R.T. stats. If you want to prioritize Offense when upgrading your character, your PL will increase at the same rate regardless which attribute you invest into. The downside of prioritizing one is the increasing cost of leveling a particular stat up (which will be elaborated on later on in this post). Suffice to say 50 Fortitude and 25 Resistance boosts PL the same as 75 Offense does.

~~ Skill and Research Trees ~~

There are three ways to increase your stats: the Skill Tree, the Research Tree, and Survivor Squads. While the Skill and Research Trees are important, the vast majority of your stats will come from Survivor Squads.

Under the “Skills” tab in the main menu are two sections titled Skill Tree and Research Tree. In these trees, a player can increase stats for his or her character. More importantly, these trees have nodes that unlock slots in Survivor Squads.

~~ Survivor Squads ~~

Survivor Squads are where you will be spending a lot of time and energy maximizing your player stats. If you have been playing for a while and wondering why your PL is staying low, this is likely the reason.

Select the “Squads” tab and you will see three squad sections available. The Survivor Squad section will show all of the F.O.R.T. increases as well as the bonuses given by survivors. Opening this section gives access to 8 squads. The easiest way to look at Survivor Squads is two sets of four. Each F.O.R.T. stat is represented by a squad (ie. EMT is Fortitude, Fire Team is Offense). There are two squads to represent each stat.

So, if you’ve stayed with me this far, this is where the PL increase will hopefully start to make sense. Survivors slotted into a squad will increase PL stats tremendously. A level 1 Survivor with no lead adds 1 point for grey, 5 for green, 10 for blue, 15 for purple, and 20 for gold. If a lead is involved the stats change depending on the personalities.

~~ Personalities and Bonuses ~~

Personalities determine whether a squad is good or great. Each survivor has a personality and, likewise, each leader slot in a squad (the first survivor slot) has a leader match as well. When selecting a squad, hover over the leader slot and the box at the bottom right tells which type of leader best benefits the squad. Matching the leader type gives a bonus to both leader and squad stats if the personalities match. Matching personalities with the leader will always give a bonus to a survivor’s stats, so if you do not have the correct leader match yet, use the next best thing. Do keep in mind that matching BOTH leader match AND survivor personalities to the leader results in an even bigger stat bonus.


There is a third component to survivors and this is the actual bonus that a survivor has. Each survivor has a particular bonus on the survivor card (ie. Trap Durability Bonus, Ability Damage Bonus). All that needs to be done is to match survivors with the same bonuses to receive it. The bonus only applies when you have enough survivors with the bonus. Scroll over a survivor or view the left side of a squad page to see which bonuses are in effect. I consider this the least important survivor aspect but a 5% health increase bonus trumps an extra 5 health points most of the time. Typically, the leader and personality match is more important so aim for that.

~~ Leveling Survivors ~~

Survivors when leveled give a tremendous increase to PL. To level a survivor, go to the Squads page (or Armory -> All Survivors) and select the survivor you wish to level. Click “Upgrade/Inspect” and on the bottom right it hit “Level Up”. I made a point earlier to say that you can invest in the attribute you value most. If you want more Offense, invest in the Fire Team Alpha or Close Assault Squad; for health, EMT or Training Team. PL increases at the same rate regardless of stat balance BUT the cost per upgrade increases by 300 every level so many consider it wise to level survivors evenly.

My personal preference is bringing leads up by 10 and survivors up by 5s unless I am dying quickly or doing little damage, then I prioritize what I feel is my weakest link. The beauty of these stats is a person can prioritize their favorite attribute. As far as I know, PL is only the combined stat total and does not directly impact damage or survivability but merely rounds a player to suggested level ratings. If anyone can show me otherwise I will gladly modify this portion of the post.

Survivor exp. can be gotten from retiring survivors, loot llamas, transforms, quests, mission alerts, and regular missions. Keep an eye out for 4x survivor exp. This is literally the best way to boost PL in a short time.

~~ Obtaining Survivors ~~

Lastly… survivors. What’s the best way to get them? Straight up? Llamas. Lots of them. They aren’t the only way, but they are the best way. Survivors can also be bought from the event store with gold. Always, always, always buy the legendary one. If not for a slot, then for the manuals and exp. There are also two epics in the weekly store every week for 250 gold each. Survivors can be gotten from: mission alerts, quests, llamas, the event store, and from log in bonuses. Hit road trip llamas if you want survivors, at 500 tickets you should be rolling in survivors after a few weeks.

~~ Closing ~~

So that’s pretty much how PL is determined and increased in this game. I do want to add that there are debuffs for survivors that do not match a mythic leader's personality. To clarify, debuff is to make weaker (for those not in the know) and to buff implies making something stronger.

Just a short rehash:

Slot leads with a leader match; matching survivor and lead personalities provides a big boost to survivor stats; slotting higher rarity survivors provides bigger boosts.

If you did read this, kudos to you for not only sticking through it but trying to learn the game a little better. Any comments, questions, critiques, or otherwise are welcome below.

Edit: Thanks vJac for the Mythic lead correction.

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