Probably been asked before, but can we get a true endless survival mode?

index - Probably been asked before, but can we get a true endless survival mode?

SSDs and CTH come close, but at a first glance this is a zombie survival game. Most of the missions in this game are "find this OBJ, defend". Atlas, weather van, download the data, protect shelter, horde base, etc.

So can we get an endless survival? Where the only things to defend are you and your squad, and you can actually build forts that don't center around an OBJ. Something endless that gets ultra hard, that will actually test the limits of minmaxing in this game. You have all these players going hardcore on their loadouts, min maxing their survivor squads setups and their weapon perks and they carry three of each weapon for the elements, but for what? Even the hardest missions in this game currently are easily defeated by a well equipped four stack with proper preparation.

Other modes other than survival or the annoyingly repetitive "defend this" game mode would be very welcome.


Also, the heroes in this game are very similar in their respective classes. All the subclasses share the same four or five special abilities, and there are WAY too many of them. You can tell the hero subclasses are too similar when you can sub one out for the other without too much difference, i.e. playing a bullet storm soldier instead of urban assault. Both are high dps characters, make it so the differences are REALLY felt. Make it so bullet storm perks are even more extreme, so when you have a maxed out one and you fire an LMG it actually feels like the advertised "bullet storm". Make Urban Assault more focused on CQB, like the name implies. Heavy buffs to shockwave, nerf the fire rate perks, and give something unique like a perk that buffs melee and shotgun damage when X amount of enemies are within X tiles away. Give shuriken master more shurikens, brawler more melee buffs, etc.

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Also, making mythic weapons would be fu*king sick. Make them extraordinarily unique, kind of like how exotics in Destiny and D2 have special one of a kind perks. Currently, the weapons all feel samey, with the exception of some, like the neon sniper, vacuum tube sniper, ol betsy, and that ground pound hammer.

I know, these are a long list of "demands" (I see them as ideas and suggestions ), but from Epic's generally positive interaction with the community, if any large game dev can pull this off, it would be Epic. I'd love to hear other ideas and opinions too, maybe others think a priority should be placed on other things. Stuff like optimization and late game lag seems to pop up here and there.

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