Problems from a casual players perspective

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I play this game pretty casually. I am level 37 and in Plankerton. I have high level friends that play but they are way up in the 80s and so we don't play together a ton but they help me out when they can. I'd say I play about 3 missions or so a night. On average I play about 10 missions a week. I think of that as being relatively casual.

When I log on I try to complete quests whether it be for the events happening or to progress the "story", that is my motivation when I log on.

Yesterday it took me 5 tries to complete a Retrieve the Data mission because I had teammates who either didn't play the objective or left before the balloon landed. On the last mission I had I begged for them to come help me with defense after I dropped 50 traps. Their response was to leave the game and I ended up soloing it.


this is a big issue that this game has that needs to be resolved. There needs to be some sort of system for reporting people who leave or some sort of penalty associated with people leaving.

In a 20 minute mission like retrieve the data there has got to be something telling me that my time is valuable. I set up the base, I use all of the traps and then my entire team leaves and I get penalized for using my resources to advance the mission. Put in an option that gives me back my stuff if all of the other players leave.

Yesterday was the first day that I have not had fun in this game and that this game felt like work. Right now there is not enough of a deterrent for people to not quit missions and there is not a big enough reward for people to play the objective.

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