Productivity Match Making Rating (PMMR) – the great afk/leech filter

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Productivity Match Making Rating (PMMR) - the great afk/leech filter

While people have mixed opinions on vote kick. (I'd rather be kicked out of a game with 2-3 jerks than be forced into a game with afks)

I propose something that would be invisible to the bulk of the player base and effectively make leeching unprofitable.

Most multiplayer games have a MMR score to make sure that you're playing with people of similar skill. Why can't this be applied to Fortnite? It would be easy enough for Epic to have an overall number that is made up of a multiple aspects of the gameplay, then restrict the games that you can join to people with a similar PMMR.

Here's a list off the top of my head the sort of metrics that can be combined to determine PMMR

  • Thumbs up received after match
  • Thumbs up given after match
  • Quests completed per day
  • Traps laid
  • Husks killed
  • Resources gathered
  • Chests opened
  • Distance traveled
  • End game score relative to top score player
  • Missions failed (for negative impact)
  • Missions abandoned (for negative impact)

All these things getting pooled together would give a concept of overall contribution. Even poor players would have high marks in some of these categories, which would put them well above the rating afkers would get.

I love that this idea will create matches that are completely filled with afk players, each waiting for the other to complete the mission. Meanwhile, the active players will just never see afk players at all! At some point afkers would have a choice to make, either start playing the game to progress, or stop playing the game, because they are no longer making reasonable progress for free anymore.

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