PSA: BASEs do not stack, and is “First come, first serve”

index - PSA: BASEs do not stack, and is "First come, first serve"

This topic has been discussed a little around, and people seem to give varying answers. Some people suggested that it is the stronger BASE that overrides other bases that occupy the tile, probably based on player power level, or even player priority when joining a game. Some others have said that it is a "First come, first serve" basis.

After testing multiple scenarios with different PL players, different hero levels, and a few different types of constructors with different unique BASE abilities, it seems that it is the first BASE placed that occupies a given tile, and other BASEs cannot affect that tile unless the first BASE is removed. This can also be seen visually when the first placed BASE is removed. The highlighted tiles turn back to normal for a second, then are reoccupied by the other BASE. But when a BASE that does not occupy the tiles is removed, there is no visual change in the highlighted tiles.


I have yet to test BASE priority when the occupying BASE is removed and other already placed BASEs, but I'll probably post back here once I finish the tests.

If the BASE unique effects are intended not to stack, it might be good to implement a system which displays which BASE is affecting a given tile, maybe by hovering over the tile, or with a different tone of colour. This would make it easier to strategically place BASEs in public games. Much better than destroying another constructor's BASE just so that your's can collect kills or generate materials…

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