PSA: customizing 6th weapon perk (base game weapons only)

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TL;DR: use weapon manuals to research common weapons with ideal perks from collection book.

I've been leveling my Harvester Sarah for my first true melee build (dragon scorch doesn't count). Melee is in a respectable place right now, but it still needs all the help it can get. For Harvester this means using elemental elegant scythes with snare as the 6th perk to squeeze the most out of her perks and abilities.

I only have one elegant scythe (energy with snare) and it could take me ages to get water/nature/fire scythes + snare from llamas and transforms. Fortunately for me, the elegant scythe's lower evolution is available to research from the collection book for a few measly weapon designs (in common rarity). You can probably see where this is going!


Each common weapon researched from the collection book comes with randomized perks, but only one perk is shown in-game. I used to view the full perks, and researched common scythes until I had ones with the desired element/snare. The 6th perk is the most important to hunt, but if you have enough weapon designs you can keep rolling to get the other perks you want too (element, crit damage, damage to snared etc. ) which will save you a ton of re-perk later.

Using this method I pulled water and nature scythes with snare (still need a fire) and fluxed them up to epic. Unfortunately this doesn't work on event items – I would love to use some neon scythes but the only one I have causes affliction instead of snare 🙁

I hope this helps someone!

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