PSA: Enable 2 Factor authentication!

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Hey all,

I know this may seem like an obvious post however I keep seeing post that could have been avoided by simply adding 2 factor authentication and following basic online security protocols.


For those who don't know how enabling 2FA is very simple:

  1. Open the Two-Factor sign in
    and enable it

With that you should have much less to worry about.


Remember when online you should never use the same password twice. You should also not use the same basic variation that many use.

IE: password, Password, password1, Password1, password1!, Password1!

These are the first things people try when they get a hold of just 1 of your passwords. I know its tempting because it makes things easier but remember it makes it easier to take all your accounts as well.

If you have trouble with remembering please look into a password manager. Some of the most popular include:





They all have pros and cons. Review your needs and pick on suited best for you.


Upon failing to keep your account secure you next best bet is to not have any payment options attached to your account. This will at least prevent someone from stealing your money if they do get access. If you do still want to have a payment option attached please look into card security. For example my bank gives me the option of locking my card at any time. It is a simple matter to open a spare checking account getting the card to attach to the account and just locking it then only unlocking it when you want to make a purchase. You can also use a service like With them you attach your account and they will give you virtual burner cards for anything you want. You can open one for Epic games and attach it to your account. From there you can "pause" it so it can not be used until you unlock it or even just set a monthly dollar amount limit.

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