PSA: Essential Skill Tree Guide

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Objective: Unlock all the important stuff in the Skill trees and still have some skillpoints saved

Hello Reddit

I've seen many people struggling and complaining about the skill system, which is definitely something epic should rework, especially since you can't unlock everything (you miss around 90-ish skill points from full completion) and you can't undo what you've unlocked already.

While waiting for Epic to implement a skill reset / expand the available skillpoints, I wanted to give an updated quick guide about how and where to spend your skillpoints in the most efficient way, explaining all my choices.

Disclaimer: I've hit skill level cap, collection book lvl 146, but I still miss 6 TwinePeaks SSD. Unlocked all 5-star evolution, hit all stats nodes, and maxed out all important gadgets but I still have 55 skillpoints to use. If you see I didn't unlocked a node, it doesn't mean you should avoid it, I've only unlocked all the must-have nodes before those.

Even if you haven't hit collection book 100 you can still unlock all the stuff in the images in the links.

1★ In the Fourth Skill Tree
decisions gets harder, and you have to tighten the belt.

5-star explosive: considering how expensive explosive are, and how effective 4-star are anyway for end-game content, you don't need this node unless you're sitting on a stash of bright ores.

Airstrike: while useful for early game, on twine peaks there are better options (especially since last gadget reworks), so I'd advise to unlock this only when needed.

Gadget choice

Airstrike: useful for having some breath, but being able to use a single one of these per fight (due to the long cooldown), it's a big cons that should be considered when choosing this over other gadgets.

Airstrike doesn't do enough damage to smashers (elementals especially, since it's ballistic damage) or minibosses to justify it's waste on them, and to clear weaker crowds, there are plenty of other options.


Healing Salve: reliable, not so long cooldown instant healing. Last perk make you able to instantly revive allies at medium-long range, which is something not to overlook.

Strongest, no-cost source of healing which can save your back in diverse situations, a must have-unlocked, with an optional slotting depending on your playstyle.

Supply Drop: since last update, resources have become a smaller problem, and using a whole gadget slot for a supply drop doesn't seem the best of the ideas to me.

it's still useful, but offer 0 in-combat advantages, except on 7-days sts / horde bashes, where limites resources requires an external help like this gadget.

Banner: strong defensive gadget, often overlooked, but healing-wise inferior to Salve, and defensive-wise worse than Slow Field. I've personally avoided this on the account I showed you, but it's a good gadget to have.

Teleporter: situationally useful, since update it became a strong tactic both offensively and defensively, so it became a valid choice of gadget, provided you know how to use if effectively.

LandMines: honestly, these are pretty bad. try to avoid unlocking perks you don't require for this gadget.

HoverTurret: trash into gold, since last update this gadget became arguably the best, offensive-wise, gadget you could unlock. Unless a balance-fix is incoming, I can't recomment this enough.

SlowField: my personal favorite, helpful gadget with a moderate uptime/cooldown. Defensive pearl, when well-placed can slow everything down, including minibosses (probably the only gadget that's somewhat useful against minis).

Slow effect stack with other sources of slowing except other slowfields, stopping big enemies on their steps for a long period of time. Affects attack speed as well, which means your wall are going to lasts more than twice as long due to the 60% slower attack rate of the affected husks.

Don't take my advices as gold, I'm open to any critic, feel free to point out any mistakes I could've made and I'll be happy to fix / explain my reason behind it 😉

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