PSA/GUIDE: How to use the portable wall launcher

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So, by now and before the event ends, I hope everybody gets to get their hands on the Dragoon aka the portable wall launcher.

This weapon has so much impact on it already, but putting an impact roll on it will make this weapon one of the funnest guns to use. It will knock back husky husks, blasters, and even smashers 1-2 tiles, provided you are in point black range. However, in order to knock back smashers you must make sure 1. They're not starting to charge/charging – they are knockback immune while charging. 2. They cannot be chain knocked back, so once they are knocked back, wait until they are walking again to fire the dragoon and watch them fly.

  • note: You can knock them back when they're punching you, but not when they are charging/beginning to charge

Best Weapon rolls I've found for DPS (It's really a wave clear/CC gun though and shouldn't really be used for DPS – although it does have insane DPS, it requires you to be in point blank range) and wall launching capabilities are: 1x Reload, 1x Damage, 1x Impact, Energy for all purpose, either snare/snare (What I prefer since I use it for CC) OR affliction/affliction OR %Damage to mist monsters and headshot explosions/+30% headshot (it's really hard to hit headshots on this gun though, making those perks almost useless… and you'll probably kill everything in front of you before the headshot explosions do anything Thank you /u/IspanoLFW)


IF you want to roll Dragoon for DPS/waveclear only – 1x Reload, 1x crit rate, Energy for all purpose, 1x crit damage, snare/snare OR affliction/affliction. This is what I used to have and it will one shot even blasters if you crit while using Raider so it basically kills everything 1 tile in front of you, two shots smashers if you crit twice in a row (Provided no one on your team is underleveled by >5). And trust me, that reload is heavily needed because even though you can roll 2x crit damage and 1x crit rate, replacing the reload gimps DPS and it tickles things when it doesn't crit.

With Raider coming out in the upcoming horde bash, I hope everyone manages to get the portable wall launcher before this event ends and have fun knocking smashers out of the map or into pits. Trust me, it's super fun knocking smashers around – although Dam buster does this job a lot better (2-4 tiles I swear), it has a longer reload and ofc, a much shorter durability.

  • note: You do not need the Raider to knock around smashers though

And lastly, the horde bash weekly challenge is incredibly easy (if no one is severely underleveled) because it's only challenge 1 and scales to your level, however, if anyone is having trouble finding teammates, I'm in Twine and can carry you through T1/2/3 so DM me if you can't find reliable teammates and I'll get back to you when I'm free. Everyone deserves the Raider, and even though you get a free one from collection book, if you don't have another one from events, you can't do the double raider build so HMU if it seems impossible for you – but I won't have free time until Monday and Sunday (I work almost 9 hours a day Tuesday – Saturday) so requests will have to be held off until then but I will spend all those two days getting people raiders.

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