PSA: Here’s how Reclaimer support works

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here to clear up some misconceptions with the reclaimer support bonus. Reclaimer is the subclass and goes by the alias of Shamrock or Fragment Flurry Jess. If you don't already know what it does, here's what it says

Increases Energy damage by 20%

In this instance, we specifically want to look into how this support affects

  • Energy Weapon Damage
  • Energy Ability Damage

Before we jump in, quick plug for my spreadsheet which was recently updated to include a build guide tab as well as a vbuck guide tab following my recent post on how to obtain vBucks. The skillpoints calculator is also working now which lets you calculate how much SP you can still obtain

Energy Weapon Damage

People didn't really know if this was multiplicative to final damage or additive to %damage. In fact, a fair share of people who haven't tested it believed that it was the former (multiplicative). Thankfully, this was really easy to test. I simply setup a loadout which has no effect on weapon damage and grabbed my Hydra to shoot some husks up. It is worth noting that I picked a mission without any storm modifiers so our numbers don't get wonky cause of that. In the first instance where I had no heroes slotted in my Support slot, my Hydra did

  • 2245 damage per shot on regular husks

Next I simply hopped out, equipped my Reclaimer in support slot and hopped back into the same game. This time, the Hydra did

  • 2590 damage per shot on regular husks

If we do some quick maff, this comes out to approximately 15.367% damage. Why this number you might wonder? That's the exact %damage/shot difference the Hydra gets if we change its 30% damage from perks to 50% instead. In other words, Reclaimer support is additive to %damage perks and behaves similarly to MGR/Berserker support

Energy Ability Damage

So this was a lot more controversial as people kept talking about how Reclaimer support was giving more damage than Shuriken Master. To test this, I decided to use Frag Grenades because it does energy damage and is easy to test basically. I kept some factors constant namely my

  • Level 40 Special Forces in main
  • Level 40 Phase Scout Jess in tactical
  • 2005 Tech
  • Of course no storm modifiers and the likes
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Switching my support in and out, the numbers I got for Frag Grenade were

  • With level 40 Shuriken Master : 29722
  • With level 30 Reclaimer : 28217
  • Without anything : 20640

Immediately, you see that the numbers don't match up like I must be dumb or something to test with different values of Hero Ability Damage. Well honestly even if the Reclaimer was the same level as Shuriken Master, their HAD would still be different. Thankfully, my calculator is able to precisely determine the grenade damage based on my inputs so all I had to do was to key in the HAD for the different scenarios and extract the expected values. In doing so, I found that the expected values are

  • With level 40 Shuriken Master (9.71 HAD) Image : 24768.5

Note that here, I turned the 20% bonus off to simulate not having the perk so we simply make use of their HAD

  • With level 30 Reclaimer (6.76 HAD) Image : 23514.1

If you wonder where to get this HAD value, you can find it by inspecting your hero here

Either way, now we just have to divide the in-game values by the expected values to find the difference and the numbers look something like

Shuriken Master = 29722 / 24768.5 = 1.199991925 = 1.2 = 20% Reclaimer = 28217 / 23514.1 = 1.200003402 = 1.2 = 20% 

As you can see, both of these work in the exact same way in the sense that they both act as a final multiplier to the damage of your ability. However, it is worth noting that Shuriken Master works better since she has a higher innate Hero Ability Damage. I mean if we just take the difference,

SMS vs Reclaimer = 29722 / 28217 = 1.0533336641 = 1.053 = 5.3% 

That's 5.3% higher

Feel the BASE

Now you guys must be wondering… why exactly does Reclaimer then give more damage than Shuriken Master when it comes to Heavy BASE's ability, Feel the BASE. Well truth is… I think Epic Games messed it up. Here's how the support bonuses are calculated for Feel the BASE at least…..

  • With SMS support

    Final damage = damage * ( 1.8 + 0.2 )
    = damage * 2

1.8 is the level 30 Heavy BASE perk while 0.2 is the SMS support bonus

  • However with Reclaimer support

    Final damage = damage * 1.8 * 1.2
    = damage * 2.16

Where 1.8 is still the level 30 Heavy BASE perk but 1.2 being the Reclaimer support bonus

Essentially, for the instance of Heavy BASE's "Feel the BASE", SMS bonus is factored in additively while Reclaimer bonus is factored in multiplicatively. This was the reason why Reclaimer actually gave the explosion more damage than Shuriken Master Sarah.

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Reclaimer, at the moment, is definitely better than Shuriken Master when it comes to Heavy BASE but falls behind on every other ability since Shuriken Master's higher innate HAD pushes out more damage than Reclaimer's. That said, it might be more worth it using Reclaimer if you are trying to make use of Energy weapons on top of your abilities. Ultimately, I don't like mixing classes to do both weapon & ability damage, especially not with energy weapons (I mean you just lose too much damage not going counter-elements) but that's just my opinion.

TL;DR Reclaimer bonus is additive to %damage on weapons and behaves multiplicatively (same as SMS) on abilities. That said, Feel the BASE is not calculating SMS support properly

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