PSA: How the Revolt’s Sixth Perk Works

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I've been doing a lot of testing with the revolt after seeing posts about it doing more damage than it rightly should be able to, and I believe I've figured out why.

The revolt's ricocheted bullet does not feed off the gun's base damage. It feeds off the damage value of the initial shot. This means, that for fire husks, the bullet damage is halved, and then halved again if it ricochets to another fire husks for 25% damage. Repeated testing has shown the ricocheted bullet to be about half the strength of the initial bullet. If you shoot a fire husk, and it ricochets to a normal husk or a water husk, it will still do 50% damage.

However, this seems to apply to ALL multipliers, which means 67% twice for nature husks, and, notably: Headshot and critical multiplier can be applied consecutively across targets. This means that if, as a ranger, you headshot or crit off a mob, that multiplier increases the base damage of the ricocheted bullet and allows it to possibly do so AGAIN.

TL;DR: Ricochet damage isn't base damage, it's initial bullet damage.


Edit: After testing with warcry, well, shit. Damage values nearly DOUBLE, consistently, on ricochet, so I can confirm that it does, in fact, apply again on the ricochet. It might even apply twice. I'll have to test the ranges more and see if it's consistently that much higher than the initial shot.

Edit Warcry's uhhh. An additive multiplier. First hit does +40% damage. Ricochet consistently does a whopping 80% more damage than the initial damage in the new value range during warcry. This means that with warcry active, the second bullet is worth 2.52 times a normal bullet. With the initial bonus of .4 added, that means that during warcry a revolt's bullet can be worth a ridiculous 2.92 more bullets. Almost three additional bullets.

Edit: War Cry applies to the explosion on kill for some reason as Raven? Which means if you get your tenth kill during warcry via bullet damage you're dealing at least 40% more damage than the explosion is supposed to do to everything as well. Not revolt related, but neat.

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