PSA: How to NOT fail Resupply missions

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - PSA: How to NOT fail Resupply missions

For Mushrooms: ALL BIOMES have enough mushrooms, but you MUST search the outskirts for them, not rely on where the storm's safe zone is, or the center of the map. Every single biome has similar terrain around the edge of the map, and it ALWAYS has at least one or more small caves. These caves will have the mushrooms you need. If you're farming the whole time, until there's one minute left, then panic because you didn't find mushrooms along the way, that's on you friend. Find the mushrooms first. Then farm. They are there, on every map. Go TO THE OUTSKIRTS. Find caves, or just look around cliffs / inclines near the edge of the map. Pack campfires if you do this outside the storm.

For Barrels: These can actually be a bit trickier than mushrooms depending on what biome you're in.

  • Any Canny biome: Check gas stations, basements, all businesses / bunkers. Mines will almost always have a few as well. Should be Easy here.
  • Industrial Zones: Should be the easiest; they're everywhere scattered around the map at all buildings.
  • City Zones: Check basements, gas stations or any industrial-like structure you can find. Check survivor shelters, they can be found here fairly consistently.
  • Suburbs: Harder than most to find barrels here, again check gas stations and survivor shelters. They won't be in almost any houses – if you need them, don't waste time searching houses.
  • Forest / Grasslands: Check abandoned lab sites, and bunkers. There should be enough there. Check these places FIRST so as not to get caught without time later on.
  • Lakeside: Check stores and bodies of water near buildings. Can be more difficult, you should try and find them first here.


Hope this helps!

Edit: thanks to
Rocky southpaw - PSA: How to NOT fail Resupply missions

u/Rocky_southpaw for this info on how to make finding barrels much easier in cities and suburbs-

Btw, trash cans count for barrels. The green plastic ones and metal ones count Towards it. I was gonna make a post on it but never finished :p. (Tested it in city and industrial)

Green Trash Can:

Silver: (Has another variation)
unknown - PSA: How to NOT fail Resupply missions

And then your standard barrels that count for one:
unknown - PSA: How to NOT fail Resupply missions


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