PSA: new spear op af, buy it

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - PSA: new spear op af, buy it

Updating this for the sake of being concise. Starting perks are great, but I ended up swapping the armor perk for attack speed, physical for energy. Alternatively, Crit Dmg, Crit Rating, Energy, Dmg, Crit Damage if you have the reperk to throw at it. This will give a bit more bang for buck on durability and give you some fat #s to drool at. The overall dps won't be much different, gains from attack speed when you'll be 1 shotting husks/dwarves so much that the target switching will feel nice, proccing sooner also a qol bonus. Crit dmg build will be noticably better on fat targets and for the heavy attack. I went shadowshard due to the scaling mechanics of corrosive ticks. They can only be applied once at a time, so the heavier ticks are going to net you much greater gains over time. The spear is clearly meant to make deadly lotus luna shine with corrosive strikes support. With Deadly Lotus Luna, it honestly feels stronger than spectral blade utilized by an ideal sword hero setup. Deadly Lotus is not mandatory by any means. Assassination in commander is a very nice substitute as is Deadly Blade Crash.

Btw, this spear appears to have longer range but is more single-target focused. It does not have the arcing range of other melee (hence stabby stab). So, your aoe is ultimately more dependent on the heavy attack.


Also, the heavy attack is a bit buggy as anyone would expect, hard mechanic to introduce in a different way, BUUUT it works against smasher mini bosses to the extent of actually staggering them. That's nuts. It works on riot huskies, so, it's superior to bull rush in almost every way other than potential pushback range and building clear.

Current hero loadout: Commander: Deadly Lotus Luna | soaring mantis (I have no defense for this perk. I just like jumping around like an idiot if I'm going to play ninja) | fleet, rapid charge, corrosive strikes, assassination or the still bugged Cold to the Touch, and survivalist. I do not think the heavy attack efficiency spear hero is worth keeping in support if you have a similar selection of heroes as me. Rapid charge has shown greater efficacy in almost every melee situation I engage in, exception being some single-target focus like only wanting to use the charge on miniboss. Millionth edit, tested out spear heavy efficiency hero as main, and it's pretty incredible for any smasher lockdown/mini boss lockdown. Interesting to note, a "tank" husky mini boss was able to completely negate the effects of the charge. Any other type either gets skewered by it or staggered.

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