PSA: The best place for B.A.S.E. is quite often NOT the middle of the objective.

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I know, crazy right? The natural tendency is to place the B.A.S.E. as close to the objective as possible to cover the widest area possible and never move it again. While in some cases this CAN be the optimal strategy, in most cases it isn't. Here's some interesting tips to help you improve your B.A.S.E. placement:

  • Storms usually spawn only from 2 directions. 60(ish)% of the time, that means they're spawning from NE/NW/SE/SW and heading to the objective. So a lot of times, you can place the closer to the spawns and STILL have coverage on the main objective. This enables more electric floor coverage, heavy bass drop (forget the atcual name :l ), trap buff coverage, random wall coverage with reflection damage, recycler coverage and more!

  • The B.A.S.E. has a specific amount of health. Think of it like an extra floor on top of the floor. This is both useful AND detrimental. It is useful in that, if you pay attention to it's health, you can have a recurring 'shield' vs. lobbers on a specific roof tile. However, the majority of the time it just means your base dies and there is a small window where your defenses are down.

  • Enemies WON'T target your base. "But I just saw a lobber throw at it!" Nope, they were targeting the floor underneath it that is guarding the objective. This is one of the biggest points I want to make. By having your base off to the side of the main objective by a tile or two, the chances of mobs killing it goes down drastically. In fact, the ONLY ways it would die at that point are if lobbers target YOU and hit the floor, if propane explodes near it, and if a launcher flings an enemy directly onto the base triggering their panic mode(when enemies get stuck they auto target nearest destructible).

  • Synergizing with the last tip, one of the BEST ways to protect your base is to place a roof/pyramid tile on top of it. The Heavy Base still fires through it and if enemies cause damage to the tile it will damage the roof first. (Roof>B.A.S.E.>=Floor is how enemy damage is applied to the tile, with AoE having a chancce to hit both floor and B.A.S.E.)

  • Move your base if the storm changes. Yah, you can place it down more than once a match! There was an arguement before sprint stopped costing energy, but that's gone. There should be NO reason for you not to move your B.A.S.E. to cover the area currently under attack. If you're excuse is that you are trying to get the most out of your recycler, that is pretty damn greedy. Just collect what you can and then move it. More than likely you'll save more resources just by having the Power Modulation perk on the at risk buildings so you don't have to repair as often.

  • B.A.S.E. electric floor damage counts as affliction damage. This might not seem like a lot, but it is HUGE for helping your teammates proc various on hit effects or perks based on the enemy being afflicted. Easy example would be %crit damage vs Afflicted on all those Harvester Sarah(s) you see running around. So by placing your B.A.S.E. closer to the combat with some floors, you can actually significantly impact the DPS of your teammates!

So yah, next time you place your base on top of a pyramid, just take a second to decide if it really HAS to be there and whether it would benefit your team to have it somewhere else! Kudos to all the constructors who've read this. Also everyone else. But mainly the constructors. Peace!

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