[PSA] There is barely any difference between a melee with 2x movement and 3x movement

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - [PSA] There is barely any difference between a melee with 2x movement and 3x movement

So about a week ago I saw a comment in a thread saying that they had tested the Baron with 2x movement perks and 3x movement perks in their Twine storm shield by running around the map and saw no difference in time. I think the comment was from u/mwisecarver (apologies if I am mistaken).

I just tested out a 3x movement Baron and a 2x movement Guardian’s Will in my Stonewood storm shield and while there is a difference in speed, it is practically unnoticeable (IMO).

I did a few running tests (as Paleo with no movement hero perks in support). I ran a ten tile track many times (with a wall at each end so I would know where to start and when to stop). With the 2x movement Guardian’s Will I was consistently getting a time of 7.40-7.45 seconds. With a 3x Baron I was consistently getting 6.80-6.85 seconds. The % difference between 6.8 and 7.4 is 8.8%.

For twenty tiles the times were 13.3 seconds (Baron) and 14.7 seconds (Guardian), for a 9.8% difference. And for thirty tiles the times were 20.0 seconds (Baron) and 22.0 seconds (Guardian), for a 10% difference.

So that extra 14% movement speed legendary perk is really giving about 9-10% extra movement speed. It seems that movement speed perks suffer from diminishing returns (just like other perks do, e.g., crit rating, armor, and damage), which I guess shouldn’t be surprising but I have never seen anyone mention it before.


Personally, I think that saving two seconds over thirty tiles is not worth it. So I think I am just going to use my Guardian’s Will for movement because it has 2x movement perks on it but it also has the extra ability of the leaping vertical movement (like the mythic Fury). And it has the added bonus of the cool swishing sound when you switch to it lol

Though for ninjas (who have no need for vertical movement on a melee) I think I may just reperk my Baron to 2x movement and 1x armor (shadow stance gives you 60 armor which is 38% resistance to damage, and another 40 armor from a legendary perk increases that damage resistance to 50%, although I guess if you are in shadow stance you are probably not going to be holding a Baron in your hands lol).

TL;DR … If you run thirty tiles (which is actually kind of a long distance) you will save 2 seconds using a melee with three legendary movement perks (20 seconds) instead of a melee with only two movement perks (22 seconds). So it is a 10% difference (which sounds pretty decent on paper), but in more practical terms it doesn’t really seem to be that great of a difference (IMO). So might be better to use a Guardian’s Will with 2x movement because it also has the leaping heavy attack for vertical movement, or a Baron with 2x movement and 1x armor for the extra survivability.

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