[PSA] Why you should strive to obtain every event Hero / Weapon

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - [PSA] Why you should strive to obtain every event Hero / Weapon

Hey everyone!

Soo…I've been floating around this sub for a rather long time…and everytime a new event exclusive Hero or Weapon (Sometimes other things) emerges from the event / weekly store..the same question is asked:

Should I get -fill in the blank- this week?

Well…the obvious answer might be Yes but why? I have 2 very good (imo) reasons why you should always strive to obtain any and all event exclusive items!

  • As many of you know, we had the lovely Birthday Llamas who provided us goodies from every event from the first event leading right up to it. Not only that…but the duplication prevention kicked in right around that time too! That being said…the more things you have in your Collection Book and/or Storage…the easier it will be to get the stuff you are missing. TLDR If you get an item now…you won't have to worry about potentially "wasting" a B-Day llama on it later.

  • So this next lil tip is something I regret not thinking about at the time… Even though the item may not seem useful at the moment…the game is still growing and changing! I passed up the Reclaimer (Shamrock) guy earlier this year due to the Outlander changes not allowing for more than 1 TEDDY out at a time and other changes. NOW they are an extremely viable character to play as and potentially be a great asset for the new Hero changes in both the Tactical AND Support slots for my favorite hero..Enforcer. TLDR: Get what you can…you never know what Epic will add/remove/change.

Hope this helps at least one person not fall victim to regrets!

As always…Happy Husk Hunting!

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