PSA: You don’t have to play with Randoms and take the risk of having to deal with leeching until it’s fixed.

1516285594 8572 1024x576 - PSA: You don't have to play with Randoms and take the risk of having to deal with leeching until it's fixed.

Add people who help with missions.

I'm tired of reading Reddit posts of people who know what the situation is out there and still go into randoms when there are so many ways to avoid it. Not saying people are frustrated about the wrong things, it's surely an issue, but just find a way around until Epic fixes it. Aside from Discord and adding Redditors, you can just add people who help with missions. Maybe join their missions and add their friends who helped in those missions. You don't need your 3 best friends to be playing STW to enjoy the game. It's not "Yeah my full family plays at 9 pm" or "No one I know plays so I'll quit the game". There's surely a better way to form a group of players.

I have around 130 people in my friend list. We're not a cult/clan or anything, I just kept adding people who I found on random maps early on. Some good signs of a good player are building/upgrading the base, communicating in chat, setting traps (and having good, levelled up traps), have good combat scores, actually farming for resources, etc.

When I'm online and I suppose have to do "3 Retrieve the Data missions", one of them is always doing it. Approximately 30 of them are always online at any time, so I just try to join in and help with missions. Just don't join a mission in the last 5 seconds, I leave it if I join a mission with very less time left. Don't want people to think you're leeching and well, you don't deserve the rewards for those.


If I'm starting a mission and am totally alone, I make sure to send out invites to all of them, even if they're in missions. (PS: Don't spam invites).

I haven't had the AFK/leecher problem for over a month. For those low level Stonewood/Plank vbuck missions bring an Outlander and spam teddies and hover turrets, or use a hyperdefensive consturctor like BASE Kyle; you don't even need to spend bullets on those missions. Unfortunately there are still AFKers in those zones, but there's usually 2/3 people helping and the missions are so easy even I go farm around while my TEDDYs kill stuff.

I am actually enjoying this group of people I've added in my Friend list. Block id*ots in global chat (not all, you really can't), the ones who talk/spam too much and too much shit. Block people who join randomly in your missions but don't contribute– rarely happens since I'm full. If I have 1 spot left and the mission isn't too hard, I set it to Friends only so no one else can join.

I also have one Love Ranger Jonesy user in my list who helps with missions and actually likes that hero.

If you leave your username below, all those who read this post can add each other. EDIT: Mention your PL and the region you are in rather than the heroes you use.

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