PSA:Twine Peaks XP Reward Amounts

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - PSA:Twine Peaks XP Reward Amounts

Here is how much a single share of XP will return from a mission in TP assuming you get all badges that are possible every map (assuming no drone crash). Wish the game would tell you the ranges of rewards when you look at the map, as without it you can't really know what map will return the most resources.

Chest Level lvl 76 lvl 82 lvl 88 lvl 94 lvl 100
Refuel HB T4+4 9750
Rescue Surv T4 10500 12250 14000 15750 17500
Radar Grid T4 10500 12250 14000 15750 17500
Retrieve Data T4+4 12000 14000 16000 18000 20000
Cat1 T4+4 12000 14000 16000 18000 20000
Destroy Enc T4 13125 15315 17505 19695 21885
Evac Shelter T4+8 14250 16625 19000 21375 23750
Ride Lightng T4+8 14250 16625 19000 21375 23750
Repair Sheltr T5 15375 17940 20500 23060 25625
Deliver Bomb T5+2 16875 19690 22500 25315 28125
Cat3 T5+4 18000 21000 24000 27000 30000
Cat4 T5+8 20250 23625 27000 30375 33750



  • missing 2 bars (like if you don't get a silver+ crafting badge) will reduce XP by about 5-7%. Missing multiple badges can reduce your rewards to under half of the listed amounts
  • the drone crash event can increase reward amounts, but does not happen every mission. It will add two bars which means a 5-7% increase in XP+PU+Evo mats, and a couple extra pieces of gold
  • Crafting + Building badges return 2 bars at Silver or higher, but 0 bars at Bronze or lower. So you want to at least get silver in every map or you will lose 15% rewards if you miss them both, and these don't really take much time
  • each reward share may crit and return a double share, and 4p maps return 4 shares
  • The Refuel the homebase mission type – well, these are near impossible to solo and no one ever runs them since the return garbage. You need 16x 1 minute runs of protecting the siphons for highest badge, which is twice as long as any other map but it returns about half of the XP and you can't speed run it. If someone has the values for this I will add it in, but we really need to get Epic to boost these significantly XP wise and have fully run siphons drop gift boxes at least IMO.
  • Increasing mission difficulty with Blu Glo will increase gold only
  • Storms, Elemental Storms, Alerts, and Mega Alerts do not affect the share size of the normal rewards
  • saving survivors do not effect rewards on missions besides Rescue the Survivor. LateonMeme's has a guide on what does effect the number of bars you get
  • PERK-UP and Evo Mats are affected by Chest Tier similar to XP, so missing 2 bars will reduce amount by 5-7%. However, map level does not seem to affect amounts
  • Gold is affected by Chest Tier and map level, but does not scale as fast as XP. For example, a max chest lvl100 Bomb will return 162 gold while a lvl76 will return 145.
  • To determine which map is best to run needs to look at the normal rewards, bonuses, how long it takes to run a mission type on average, and what is available.
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Hope this is useful – good luck!

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