Punished for being 131?

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Punished for being 131?

First off, I am not claiming to be a super player, I am average at best. I have been grinding this game since Dec 17 and got to lvl 131 early this year. I could write a 100 posts about this game and i am a bit of a talker, but will try and summarise my current thoughts and feelings.

I look at Twine and I despair. Lvl 100 and lower missions lack variety, there are fewer of them and as will be common on this thread, rewards are rubbish. Post 100 missions dominate Twine, but have rubbish rewards when you balance the resources needed to successfully complete them. The higher the mission, the more the balance is skewed. For the first time, I have to do daily private farming missions to try and get the mats needed for 130 traps and weapons. Because the higher Twine farming does not consistently give me the materials I need, I end up with loads of sleek, shadowshard etc and still needing the materials I went to farm for.

I cant believe I see epic survivors and items as rewards for post 100 missions. Despite the promise made in update, experience is still most common reward. 8.0 update dramatically changed the amount of experience given and I am sure there are many like me that have millions of experience but struggle to find the evolution materials to go with it. Worse still 4x survivor experience is regularly given in higher Twine where players have no need for it. I have over 33 million survivor experience. I also struggle with the logic that one 4x mission can almost evolve a hero or weapon from nothing to 50, yet a 4x perk up mission gives about half of what you need to evolve one item on one weapon. Evolution mats and perk up rewards need at least doubling. At least.


The weekly reward tells me i can only do 128 missions. NB I would be very interested in hearing how long it takes other players to recuperate the materials used for 130 traps in a higher Twine mission.

I have just completed the Hold the Door challenge and assumed it was a repeatable quest. Its not. So even though I have always enjoyed helping others with their SSD, rewards are rubbish, and the time to play an SSD 10 is about an hour. Furthermore, I have joined an SSD and then had a player beg me to make a weapon, build traps for him, or his current defence is very poor anyway and we lose. It pains me that I cant justify helping randoms in SSD anymore.

The game is riddled with afkers, leechers and bugs. I dont remember there being so many bugs a year ago. afking has been pretty constant although i believe there has been more since the increase in experience.

I do know that there have been lots of changes in games, and depending on your opinion, they are either good or bad. I remember when your hero could only run a short while before having to stop and walk. Unlimited running must be better but i still would have preferred if Epic had concentrated on afkers.

Epic is systematically destroying game. Maybe purposefully? Get rid of us to make way for f2p and the inevitable BR invasion that would follow.

Finally, before a smart alec says, well you wanted the game to be harder, I did not and have never said that. The easiest thing to do is make the game harder is to use different weapons and heroes, rather than supermax up everything and then complain and expect Epic to put in unwanted updates. Forget updates. Fix the game.

Rant over.

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