Putting a troll in time out

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My husband and I entered a ride the lightening mission the other day and it was so hilarious what went down I have to share. He was playing a constructor, I was an outlander.

Instantly I get a message on Xbox from one of the ppl on our team named something like Ismackrounds ? please can you drop me a free gun. I was in a cave mining and the guy ran in and I was feeling generous so I looked in my backpack and saw I had a pretty decently leveled legendary hunter killer…which I personally was regretting putting xp into bc I don’t like it much…so I dropped it at the guys feet for nothing. Instantly he builds a wall behind me trapping me in the cave with him and he goes into edit mode so I couldn’t edit it and leave. I have zero desire to trade so I start hitting it with my axe and he keeps repairing the wall trying to keep me in. Little does he realize as a noob I’m an outlander with a work work outlander in my support slot so this tactic did not work and I broke my way out. Then he starts following me around. Being a pest…sends me another message can he get another gun. I don’t ever reply.

Fast forward to the mission at hand. Apparently the 4th team mate was in a party with him. They run to the van, and try to start it with nothing built up thinking they can throw it and screw us over. Noobs didn’t even have any blugo. So while they are off trying to pick up some as fast as they can my husband quickly builds walls tight to the van, and floor and roof tiles all the way around. Throws on his base and a few traps. They come back start it, and then start editing walls to expose the van to try and make us fail.

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Immediately we both say TRAPS! Then they can’t edit. So we quickly throw traps on all the walls. HAHA take that trolls. Then they climb on top of the roof tiles. We think now what are they going to do..I jump up and decide traps are such a waste, but I have a better idea. So I put jump pads and directionals all over the roof tiles so they can’t edit them. Instantly Ismackrounds is thrown so far from the van he realized he was out played and gave up messing with us.

Round two of defense time and I jump into the middle to deposit blugo and realize I can’t get out bc we put traps on all the walls. So I break my way out, and post haste his friend jumps down to take the chance to again keep the wall open to screw us. Thankfully my husbands fast moves rebuilt the wall and put a trap on it so quickly we trapped the troll inside. His BASE made the walls so strong this guy was trying to break out, but couldn’t. And for the rest of the game we both just ran in circles clicking repair on every wall so he was stuck. As the game ended we stopped and he finally got out. We successfully launched the van, and he was just standing there. Looking exhausted and schooled as we laughed and did our dance emotes.

Nice try, trolls. YOU failed.

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