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There are a ton of scattered posts about certain aspects of the game that need/want to be changed. If I’ve missed any I will edit them in. With how many people are asking over and over, I’m hoping something changes. The game has been improving so much based on suggestions. These are QoL changes that would keep the playerbase so much happier. I’m even going to do a similar format that is on the current bug megathread.

Change: AFK/leeching needs to stop.

Explanation: STW is a cooperative game. Allowing people to join, set their controller to move, and reap in rewards isn’t fair. That’s a wasted spot for a good player to join. This also goes for people farming while everyone else does the objective. Solutions: Best thing I can think of is a rating system. At the end of the match you can rate others with thumbs up or down. When thumbs up, you are more likely to be paired with that player again. Thumbs down, you don’t pair with them when searching for a session to join. Only catch is if they give you a good rating, does the rating negate each other?

Change: Separate keybindings for STW and BR

Explanation: Change says it all Solution: Just add it

Change: Separate chat for people trading

Explanation: Memes and horror stories are enough of an explanation. Solution: Have a team channel, party, global, and trade. This way, we don’t need to see, “108 leg scar my hb join”

Change: Commander level cap

Explanation: There isn’t a reason to cap CP. I can’t play around with gadgets I want to try because I know I’ll run out of skill points. Adding a teleporter and hover turret upgrade is an insult since end game players can’t use it. Solution: No XP cap. It gives each player more variety in play style


Change: Play with others mission selection and alert rewards warning

Explanation: I understand part of the reason you are joining a match blindly. People stuck playing an unpopular mission but need help won’t get help (repair the shelter). I enjoy SSD’s. You see how other players design bases and for me it’s the heart of fortnite. Building a huge base and defending massive waves of enemies. Alert cool downs before the event were carefully used. Joining a mission without knowing the reward may use an alert cool down for something you didn’t want. Warning players this mission will use an alert cool down would be amazing. Solution: Change the okay with others menu to incorporate mission selection and alert rewards warning.

Change: More weapon slots.

Explanation: We have 3. BR has 5. We deal with elements, enemies vulnerable to melee, and many situations where variation is required. It is ridiculous we have less than BR when we need them. Solution: Add 5 main slots and perhaps a utility slot for explosive or grenade items picked up on the map. Don’t see why this is even a problem. It’s unanimous on other posts that we want it.

Change: Jonesy needs to stop encouraging inbreeding

Explanation: Every event has more Jonesy relatives. Each has some screwed up DNA that gives them different perks and abilities. Solution: Use the unused skins instead of the same 4 over and over

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