QoL Changes this game needs

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This is for Save The World mode… (talking from a PC perspective)

Loving the game, however, there are some small Quality of Life improvements that can be implemented to make the game more enjoyable (in my opinion):

  • In-game Timer: Would be great to see how long I've spent in a mission. Nearing the end of day 2, it's felt like forever, but how much time have we spent on this particular mission? 20 mins? 35 mins? A mission timer would be great.

  • A clock: I hate having to alt-tab out of my game to check the time. Please could we get a real-world clock added to the in-game UI. (like Diablo 3 has)

  • Disable Screen Shake option: When the game gets hectic, and the action causes the screen to shake it's very VERY disorientating, please could we have an option to disable screen shake.

  • Disable Victory Videos option: Please could we have an option to disable that – It's annoying having to wait 3/4 seconds for that to end.

  • Remove/decrease the Return to Homebase countdown timer on the victory screen. Sometimes it's a 8 second countdown for no reason. I just want to go back to the menus.

  • Hoverboard summon rate. Please could this be cut by 50%. Holding down Q for so long feels deeply unsatisfying.

  • Message sounds. Please could we have a little beep or bloop when someone sends a message in the game. Most of the time, someone has said somthing and it's been over 3 minutes since I noticed it. A sound que would be great!

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