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FortniteBattleRoyale2 - QoL Changes

This might be a long because well it just is! there are things that need mentioning. Anyways, I hope you read through it thoroughly.

First off, I should thank the dev team as well as u/magyst since a lot of the changes in this new update were really good and welcomed, including increased number of stacks and better items in higher level missions. However there seems to be a bug(if it is a bug and not intentional) where sunbeams are now a lot harder to find than quartz in the previous version of the game.

Now to the main purpose of this post :

I've seen a lot of posts about jail builds being good or bad for different players and insulting each other without getting anywhere. The thing is trap spamming, gun fighting, jail building, a combination of trap and guns and maybe some more playstyles, are all different PLAYSTYLES for different tastes which is good, this means we have different options for different players to choose from. Everyone's happy until we get to public lobbies. okay, lets break this here for now and talk about something else, I don't know if anyone, in any post or comment, has ever mentioned it, but I do it now anyways : Has anyone asked themselves as to WHY some people prefer to jail build rather than choosing the other options? Well I'm seeing some reasons here, might be more but lets get it to these for now :

  1. Modifiers : Combination of some modifiers make me think I'm preparing myself for the time I go to hell after my inevitable death;

    Example 1 : Ice element + slowing attacks + slowing pools. In this case I choose to bash my head to a wall or something until my head comes off my body.

    Example 2 : Frenzied + quickened + healing burst. In this case I choose to kill myself in real life. There are more examples like these, but these should give you an idea of what I mean.

Though reducing husks' damage to buildings is a good start, it is not enough. (for those who want it back, you can simply keep your base at lower levels instead of going for level 3 buildings, see? this is an option, if this change reverts however, the other side of player base probably won't have an option)

  1. Rewards : The amount of rewards we get is barely enough to convince us to put more effort. Additionally, it does not matter whether we lose a, lets say, Ride the Lightning mission in the first 10 seconds of the first phase or in the very last few seconds of the last phase. If we lose, we get NOTHING, which means the game does not care how much effort we put into it. We simply lose not only the mission rewards, but also anything crafted and used in that mission.

  2. The number and combination of different husks : The only mission which I think is the most balanced in terms of the number and combination of husks, is Repair the Shelter. I personally enjoy using my weapons and hero abilities to do a mission, however the amount of husks spawning simultanously is so much that it's not possible, also in some waves you see Flingers with elemental Zappers(which I don't know why they exist) combined with Smashers and Exploders. Well what choice do I have here? I can't focus on weapons because I will lose, there's way too many at the same time. Although a combination of traps and weapons could work, you will need to spam traps to withstand them all. Not to mention this event was supposed to be about love, but the love lobbers are not helping and are making things even worse.

  3. Playstyle : This is simple. Some people, including me(done in private lobby duh!), enjoy imprisoning husks and having fun with it. Some others, again including me, love to use their weapons and abilities to take them down which is why Encampments are one of the best missions(also worst because of the modifier combination). Some others love to kill them with their traps. It's good to have an option for most tastes if not all, right? Now lets go all the way back to where I said lets break this here :

Public Lobbies : One reason a lot of players are unhappy is that they don't want to accept that public lobbies have all sorts of players with different ages, moods, personalities and so on. There are options here that we can choose from (probably some more but I just mention the ones I can currently think of): to use text or voice chat and make a plan for the mission, to find friends or play with the existing ones or to just simply solo doing missions.

Hopefully I didn't miss whatever I wanted to say and said it all regarding playstyles. There are definitly people that may agree or disagree with me, totally fine and normal, just, lets not disrespect eachother? It might be hard, but it will work! Thanks for your time!

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