Quality of life improvements are fantastic. Testing remains an embarrassment that can no longer be overlooked.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Quality of life improvements are fantastic. Testing remains an embarrassment that can no longer be overlooked.

As the posts states I would like to commend Epic for increasing the stack sizes in inventories for ingredients, for dropping appropriate items to the level being played and adjusting the crafting requirements for higher level traps. Well done and thank you! This is a long standing wish of the community and the update addresses all of these problems magnificently.

However, in the same breath, I have to lambast Epic for the complete lack of testing that goes with this game. The recent issues presented in Ventures and from this update clearly demonstrates that there is no testing whatsoever, which frankly shows contempt for the player base. Senior management at Epic games need to take a long hard look at themselves. As the German expression goes, “the fish rots from the head.”

By way of example:

In ventures, had anybody played the quest line to completion, the two bugs of takers not counting and durr burger not being discoverable would obviously have been identified. This is shocking…

With the new update, which addresses a major issue of jail builds, testing was more needed than ever. Again it is clear that none was done:

1 Jailbuilding is not stopped and is easier than ever by simply building around the objective, using the appropriate materials and Powerbase with lofty, mega base and hotfix in support. Reducing the damage done to structures has now made this incredibly easy and a blatantly obvious strategy for people to complete missions. With 2 constructors, 1 power base and 1 being lofty, it was already nearly impossible for structures to be broken by anything other than a mini boss or a smasher. Where was the testing? Why buff structure health without thinking it through?

2 The trap recycling was an obvious potential weakness with the changes being brought in and clearly needed to be tested. It was not, and many players are now sitting on 10,000 plus efficient, quartz, herbs and carved twine with endless planks ores and nuts and bolts. No issue from me with anyone who exploited this, but a HUGE issue with this not being tested.


3 The limit of 5 hits and immunity from all impact and stun traps is so coarse it is barely believable. The knock on effect is to render all these traps very close to being useless. Where was the testing? Who sense checked the thinking here. I am not objecting to the principle of what was trying to be addressed, I am objecting to the execution. It is clear no gameplay testing was done – none!

Testing is the proof of concept that supports all development and Epic knows this very well, as we see in BR where most updates demonstrate extensive testing before they arrive. Bugs arrive with all development and I can live with cosmetic issues for a couple of weeks as a result of not every skin being tested endlessly. What I cannot accept is the absence of testing on core developments.

The game is now in a very precarious position and if ever there was a statement needed from Epic about how they plan to address the issues and how they plan to address the lack of testing going forwards, that time is now. Denial is not an option.

I only hope that u/magyst can get some traction in head office around this, as urgent and clear communication needs to arrive in the coming days…

Accordingly, I would strongly advise players not to rebuild their endurance defences nor to start recycling trap schematics until that communication arrives. I have no idea how long we will be left hanging but more changes are coming…

The change we need more than any is a commitment to testing development and not the player base!

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