Quality of life issues and changes needed (help needed)

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Quality of life issues and changes needed (help needed)

Game knowledge problems

  • Players don't know how to build their storm shield and/or the objective in normal missions properly.

  • Players don't know how to play heroes properly. (A constructor that doesn't place his B.A.S.E/Players play Shrapnel headhunter for WeNeGaDe WaIdEh)

  • Players don't know how to deal with elemental husks. (Players building metal in nature storm)

  • Players don't know the region's limitations (130 Is ThE sTrOnGeSt In StOnEwOoD)

  • Players don't know how to increase their power level.

  • Players don't know how to deal with modifiers. (players build out of metal in Metal Corrosion/Players building out of brick when it's Ice Storm+Metal Corrosion)

  • Players don't know how to deal with Mini-bosses (Players shooting trap-vulnerable mini bosses)

  • Players don't know how to deal with Chrome Husks (Shooting them with anything but water/fire weapons. But glad they're gone now)

  • Players don't know how to use traps properly. (They just spam them all over the spawn causing the other players score obsolete and not letting them get the mission alert rewards)


Gameplay problems

  • Low power level players accessing high power level missions (Stonewood players accessing mythic storm king)

  • Players rushing through storm shield defenses. reaching twine peaks with no knowledge on how to play. (Basically useless lynxes, they don't even use their Kunai Storm 90% of the time)

  • Scammers are still in Stonewood

  • Crossplay is disabled (The only way to play with other platforms is to join a PC player/Console player)

  • Players that farm in public and ignore the objective (Archaeleo-Jess mains in nutshell)


Quality of life changes needed

  • A rework for daily rewards. (Thanks for giving me 20 gold, very useful)

  • Test servers needed for save the world.

  • There should be a way to mass open llamas at once.

  • There should a way to instantly evolve Heroes, Survivors, Schematics and Defenders to the next tier when having enough experience.

  • Some survivor bonuses are in need of a fix (DaveTheBuck, you promised us a rework.)

  • Search bars needed in schematics, inventory, heroes and defenders list.

  • Event weapons and heroes should be a bit easier to get than waiting a whole year or it. Maybe adding 1 hero voucher and 1 weapon voucher per save the world season and they cost 300 legendary flux.

  • Confirmation button is needed when buying llamas.

  • Voting to activate the defense should be defaulting to yes if there are more "yes" than "no".


Let me know if there is any quality of life changes, gameplay problems or game knowledge problems.

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