Quick tip for those farming SSDs for gold

index - Quick tip for those farming SSDs for gold

The idea behind this farming method is to

  1. Head over to Stonewood on the map
  2. Click "Play with Others"
  3. Select "Custom" with "1-3 Recommended Power"
  4. Launch

If you are joining Stonewood 1-3 play with others, you want to take note of what level your teammates are. It will give you a good read on if the mission is a Stormshield Defense so you can save yourself some time loading in. If

  • 3 others are low and about the same, it's usually not SSD
  • 2 others are low and 1 is slightly higher, it's usually not SSD
  • 1 other player is super high PL, it's most likely a SSD
  • There's only 1 other player in the game, its likely a SSD

You can also streamline the process by running gadgets such as Supply Crate to stock up on resources while you're at it. I have been dumping resources into my stormshield and slowly hitting cap again as I farm SSDs. Hover Turret is great as well since it lets you chill for 30 seconds or so. Personally, I also run

  • Reclaimer + Phase Scout + Commando

For an an easier time. You could run Shuriken Master in support instead of Phase Jess for more damage but it's not significant and being able to run around faster feels better. There are some alternatives for the main slot such as

  • Grizzly
  • T.E.D.D Shot

The idea is to start off with T.E.D.D.Y, chain into Hover Turret and then into T.E.D.D.Y once again. If you drop them strategically (only when the mobs have spawned), you can easily cover the full duration of the defense.

Some numbers

For the rest of you who are a little more curious about the farming rates, you get 2 mini llamas every SSD. These mini llamas give between 30-50 gold and can sometimes turn silver, giving 90. On average, if we plot the numbers into a table assuming every 10 mini llamas,

Gold/llamaNumber of SilversTotal GoldDescription
30300Worst case
Mix of 30/501450Average
502580Best case

Next we want to get an idea of how long each defense take. There are actually 2 different types of defenses but I notice myself getting into the 3 wave one a lot more frequently than the other so we will base off that. For this defense, we get

  • Initial prep / waiting for others (sometimes you load in and it's already started so we assume 0s)
  • Downtime of 10s
  • First wave where we defend for 120s (2 minutes)
  • Downtime of 30s
  • Second wave to kill 75 husks for 60s (1 minute, that's how long I took #timed)
  • Downtime of 20s
  • Last wave where we defend for 180s (3 minutes)

In total, we are looking at approximately 420s, 7 minutes of defense per mission. Each mission gives 2 mini llamas so that will be 5 games, that's about 8.6/12.8/16.6 gold per minute for each of the scenarios respectively. Comparatively, a power level 76 mission gives 104 gold. If you are farming Radars, that will be 5.2 gold per minute. If you do stuff like Bombs where you take up to 10 minutes per mission and get the mini-boss on top of it, that will be about 15.4 gold per minute. If we just set up a table for this

SSD typeChillax RadarsSweaty Bombs

The higher the percentages, the better it is for the mission type on the X axis. From what we can see on the table,

  • Farming SSDs is going to be more efficient than PL76 radars all the time
  • Farming SSDs is going to be about as efficient as those sweaty PL76 missions (since you might not always get a mini-boss and you aren't always going to complete it in 10 minutes)

Of course if we consider the fact that these SSDs take close to no effort to complete, I would say it is super efficient to do that. You also run into the 2 wave SSDs sometime which makes the process even more efficient. That is not to mention players who aren't PL76 yet and are doing even lower missions that reward less gold.

TL;DR If you are only looking for gold, farming PL1-3 SSDs is going to be more or about the same in efficiency than any mission almost all the time up till at least PL76

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