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It’s that time of the year, where we take a moment to look back and reflect on the year that was.

Welcome to Fortnite’s Best of 2018, as chosen by you!


So how does it work?

You nominate the best in each category and the Fortnite family will vote on their favorites. Those with the most votes by Midnight (PST) December 28th 2018 will officially be crowned the 'Best of 2018', we're sorry for such a short time frame.

The Rules

  • Only content posted on Fortnite and posted in the year 2018 are eligible.

  • Only one nomination will be accepted per post, comment or person in each category.

  • Duplicate nominations will be removed with the first having priority.

  • Reposts from previous years will not be accepted.

  • All nominations must comply with the rules of subreddit.

  • This post will be in contest mode and votes will only be visible to moderators.

  • Only votes placed as comments on the nomination categories posts will be counted.

  • Vote manipulation will not be tolerated, offending nominations will be disqualified.

  • In the interest of keeping things fair for everyone, nominees may only win one category. The nominee will be allocated ‘best of’ in the category they received the most votes.

Who can nominate?

Anyone who is subscribed to the sub, however, we will not be accepting nominations on behalf of permanently banned users.

How do I vote?

Simply upvote the nomination under each category.

Note: only one nomination per person (the nominee), post or comment will be accepted. Duplicate nominations will be removed and any votes on those will not be counted.


  1. MOST FUNNY BUG – Nominate that hilarious bug, or bug that you wish was a feature

  2. MOST FUNNY CLIP – Nominate that clip that you just can't stop laughing at here.

  3. MOST VALUABLE REDDITOR – There’s a lot of us out there, nominate the most valuable Redditor here.

  4. BEST CONTENT CREATOR – Nominate that Redditor who is always helpful and provides quality content here to the community.

  5. BEST GUIDE – Nominate the best guide here.

  6. BEST THREAD – It’s big shoes to fill, but someone has to do it. Nominate the best thread of 2018 here.

  7. BEST COMMENT – Nominate the best comment here. The comment can be one that made you laugh, was a great comeback or just great in general.

  8. BEST CREATIVE PIECE – We’ve got some talented people in this subreddit. Nominate them here.

  9. MOST 'EPIC' EPIC EMPLOYEE – Wouldn’t be a 'best of' without acknowledging the team that made it possible. Nominate your favorite Epic Employee here.

  10. BEST USER SUGGESTION – What's that one feature someone post that you've always wanted but Epic hasn't added yet?

  11. BEST IMPLEMENTED USER SUGGESTION – Nominate a feature now in the game thanks to a reddit user.


  • Special flair to alert everyone of your epic status

  • Bragging rights for the duration of 2019

  • Special role in Discord for 2019

NOTE: Only those nominated will receive prizes


Drop a comment on the category with your nomination. Don't forget to use the format below, and remember, only one nomination per comment.

Link to Post/Comment: Nominees Reddit Username: 

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