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r/Fortnite Chat Rooms Are Back!

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - r/Fortnite Chat Rooms Are Back!

Hello everyone,

Today we are happy to announce the return of the chat rooms in r/Fortnite!

Previously, the chat rooms consisted of only a "Weapon Roll" chat, which we closed because we were very limited with mod tools. Luckily, Reddit updated the tools and we now have enough tools to be able to monitor the chat rooms effectively.

Now, we have brought that chat room back and opened up another one titled "LFG", which as you may imagine, serves a "Looking For Group" purpose.

The "Weapon Chat" is used to discuss weapon rolls, and which weapons to choose/anything related to weapons in Fortnite.

Additional side note:

With these chat rooms retuning, any posts regarding which perk to put on a gun will be removed and re directed to the chat rooms.

Looking for group in the sub reddit itself is already against the rules, so we encourage everyone to use the LFG chat room in order to find a squad. Additionally, you may wish to also visit r/FortniteSSD in order to get help with your Storm Shield Defence!


These chat rooms will be monitored mainly by myself, u/ImAConstructor, for the next 30 days and the mods will analyse if it's serving it's purpose correctly and if it's something we want to keep going ahead with. Domain Link's are permanently blocked as to prevent people promoting themselves, and the word filter's count has reached around the 1000 mark, as we ensure no toxicity takes place in the chat rooms.

Promotion/poor behavior can lead to not only a ban from the chat rooms, but if severe, a ban from the Sub Reddit itself.

We hope these chat rooms are used effectively & are of help to the Reddit Community and any feedback towards the chat rooms are welcome!

Happy Hunting!

r/Fortnite Mod Team.

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