/r/FortniteBR State of the Subreddit – March 2020: Verified Creators, Agent Activated, Polls, and More

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - /r/FortniteBR State of the Subreddit - March 2020: Verified Creators, Agent Activated, Polls, and More

vvolprhnyhj41 - /r/FortniteBR State of the Subreddit - March 2020: Verified Creators, Agent Activated, Polls, and More

​ It has been sometime since we've done one of these. We wanted to inform everyone of some recent changes and happenings around the subreddit! Let's jump right in.

Verified Creators

Over time, we have noticed many users pump out amazing content for the Subreddit. So far, only a select number of users have the green verified check mark next to their name. These individuals have proven to be high quality content creators, whose content has been well received by the Subreddit. Additionally when they do post, because of that green check mark, their posts stick out right away, and get more attention. We have so far, been very conservative with applying the verified flair.

Example post – courtesy of /u/LawrenceOW

We recognize there has been a big influx of high quality artists of all kind who deserve the extra bit of recognition. We will now be accepting applications to receive the green verified check mark! Details are as follows:

  • Minimum FortniteBR Post Karma Requirement – 10,000

  • Minimum FortniteBR Posts – 3

What qualifies as Fortnite creator content?

  • Cinematic/funny videos

  • Artwork, real life or in game (this includes artistic screenshots)

  • Live streaming of Fortnite Battle Royale content

  • Cheat sheets or guides

  • Other original content created by yourself that is related to FortniteBR

Things that DO NOT qualify as "relevant Fortnite creator content":

  • Memes

  • Montages

  • Highlight compilations of streamers

  • Data mining content

All Verified Content Creator applications are reviewed by our staff. You may be asked to provide ownership of third party accounts. We will contact you if this is needed. If you have been denied for the Verified Content Creator program in the past, you can reapply 30 days after your previous application. Sending false or prank applications will result in a ban from the Subreddit. Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program, and we reserve the right to reject any applicant.

If you are a large community figure but do not have much experience on reddit and would like to be verified, please send us a mod mail HERE. Include in your message that you would like to be verified.

Apply Here to become a Verified Creator!

Polls and Special Memberships

Over the last few months, FortNiteBR has been lucky enough to beta test the new Polls feature. You may have seen the most recent poll about skill based matchmaking and crossplay. All polls that you have seen thus far on the Subreddit are created by the moderator team. They are not created by any person at Epic Games. The sole purpose is to gather hard data on various topics that are being discussed. Epic does browse and comment on the subreddit, so they definitely see the player sentiments.

Overtime we plan to release polls to special members and then to all of you to create your very own polls on the Subreddit and garner real time opinions and feedback. Due to the anticipation of spam, repeated polls, and abuse, this would be heavily moderated. More info would become available at the time.

On the topic of special members, thank you to everyone who decides to become one. All your subscriptions enable us to run various giveaways on the Subreddit with amazing prizes for you to enjoy. We also are able to have spontaneous "kill the mod" bounties in custom games to get some vbucks. We have already done it a few times, and are planning on doing more!

Benefits of special memberships include awesome badges, usage of gifs and comments, and colors to standout more on the subreddit! The Reddit Admins are also in direct contact with special members, constantly asking for feedback on the program.

Sign up for special memberships here

User Badges

While some badges are restricted to special members, others are created and uploaded by all of you. See the information below on how to create and upload your own badges to the subreddit, that everyone can use!

  • HERE is a guide containing everything you need to know about badges and emojis.

  • HERE are examples for the dos and dont's for creating badges.

If you create a badge that gets approved, you will receive 3 months of special membership for free!

Bug Posts

We recently introduced an automated reply when you make a post, and select the bug flair. The bot will automatically comment asking for certain information that makes it easier for Epic to identify, replicate, and resolve said bug. If you make a link post with a video, feel free to comment in your post with the information. If you have a text post, feel free to edit it in or l make a comment. This is not a required thing to do, but we definitely recommend it.


We are monitoring overall feedback with it. We understand it can feel intrusive at times, but the ultimate goal is to help everyone.

Agent Activation

What a fun 4 days on the sub that was. So many teases, theories and speculations for what chapter 2, season 2 might bring.

We were lucky enough to have our community supported by Epic to be included in the global activation and hype campaign for the recent Fortnite season. Not only were agents being activated via official Epic Games communication channels, but agents were being activated right here on the subreddit at the same time.

We want to know, how did everyone feel about the hype campaign on the subreddit? Was it fun just speculating? Was it awesome that the subreddit was experiencing the mystery of season 2? Maybe it fell flat for you and you think something could have done different? Tell us your experiences in the comments.

If you did receive the < ACTIVATED > Flair, you are welcome to keep it, or you may change it back using the Flair selector (linked in later section). We will be removing the flair at the end of Season 2.

Traffic Statistics

Take a look at some of our recent traffic stats at the link below. We have seen a steady decline unfortunately with the extended season. There was an obvious uptick at Season 2 launch, and for the most part, traffic has remained steady.

Traffic Stats

Fun Flair Facts

For those unfamiliar with Reddit and/or may have seen, users are able to select their favorite Fortnite skin and display it next to their name. These are called flairs.

You are able to select a flair to display next to your name my following the link below

Select your Subreddit flair here!

A big shout out goes out to /u/haveireddit of the mod team who not only keeps the flair system updated and easy to use, but also is responsible for 95% of the bot functionality across our family of Subreddits. Feel free to give him a shout out if you recognize his work.

Anyways, we pulled some fun flair facts for everyone to enjoy? What skins rules the Subreddit and what skins need some love?

By far, the most popular Flairs were….

DEFAULTS! Defaults represented a total of 103,903. This number combines all of the Defaults skins together.

Without Defaults (Top 15 Most Flair'd Skins)

Love Ranger31412.26%
The Reaper30982.23%
Black Knight25871.86%
Elite Agent16711.20%
Rust Lord15651.12%
Renegade Raider13790.99%
Sparkle Specialist12760.91%
Cuddle Team Leader12760.91%

Bottom of the Barrel – The below all have 1 person assigned the flair – Congrats to you singular people!

Trench RaiderFrontierAsmodeusBravo LeaderBachii
CautionBullsharkBranded BrawlerSea WolfCutie Pie
ViceSmoke DragonDareCopper WaspFinn
KnockoutPixieThe BratDepth DealerAnarchy Agent
VegaPsionRelayFatal FinisherAeronaut
PJ PatrollerGunblazerVectorMetal MouthLt. Evergreen
Dark RexFrosted Flurry

The Because People will Ask ranks

  • Rank 69th (524 users) – Royale Knight

  • Rank 420th (41 users) – Imperial Storm Trooper, Red Nosed Ranger, Rippley Vs Sludge

  • Rank 666th (4 users) – Trailblazer, Controller, Dark Jonesy, Catastrophe, Dark Red Knight, Catwoman, Carbon Commando, Yule Trooper, Dolph, Wooly Mammoth, Bao Bros, Molten Omen

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