Racing is an amazing source of gold

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Racing is an amazing source of gold

Hey guys, Whitesushi here with a short post on one of the current best methods of farming gold introduced into the game so far. As many of you are probably aware, our reigning champion was the Storm King fight where in a good group, players are looking at 90+ gold every 3-4 minutes. That's approximately 30 gold per minute which is very impressive. However, the problem with the fight was that

  1. The player needed to have progressed to the end of their Canny Valley storyline
  2. Players need to deal with mechanics (not saying mechanics are bad but it gets tedious after a while)
  3. Time spent could vary greatly depending on how strong your party is

Now, introducing Beta Storm: Test the Limits! The game gives you 7 minutes to prepare and another 6 minutes afterwards to complete checkpoints. In other words, the mission only takes 7 minutes since you can literally skip the preparation phase (but we add an extra minute for Ray to talk and for 1 player to reach the start). So what about the rewards? At PL100, we're looking at

  • 100 gold per run
  • 100 gold every 2 runs from repeatable quest

Essentially, that approximates to 150 gold per run which is 21.4 gold per minute, just slightly short of 22.5 gold per minute if your storm king runs were taking 4 minutes. I would say that's pretty amazing considering how little effort you need to complete the mission. For running in public lobbies, some neat strategies would be to

  • Run Recon Scout Eagle Eye in main with Fleetfoot Ken and Flash A.C. in support
  • Use player jump pads to cover distances between gates
  • Don't forget to punch out random trees you might bump into while jumping

Making it even better

Of course, we aren't just going to stop there. Now, I will introduce a method to do this even more efficiently and that is with the use of teleporters. Basically if you get a dedicated group of 4 players and have each of them bring a teleporter, you can have them covering one of these checkpoints

  • A (Start) to B
  • B to C
  • C to D
  • D to A (Start)

I think you get the point from here. To make this process even smoother, have the teleporters line up such that the exit is on one side of the checkpoint and the entrance is on the other so once you appear, you run straight into the other one. If you can't line them up, it is recommended you mark the teleporter players are supposed to enter with one of the ping command things so it's not confusing. When done properly…

This is how it looks like

Yea we over-ran it for the sake of it to see what happens

Fortunately, you don't get more rewards for completing more than 15 laps (cause that will be insane especially at the rate I was doing it) but before you call it pointless, there are actually benefits to doing this. With this method, you can pretty much finish the 15 laps in 2-3 minutes. This gives you a full 3-4 minutes to do a variety of things

  • Picking up your daily quest
  • Finding and completing storm chest
  • Farming materials in general

Essentially, not are you not walking out of a mission with less materials than you begin with, you end up having more. This makes the mission optimal for stocking up on materials while getting some gold to go along with it. Unfortunately though, the XP rewards are mediocre and players are still better off farming PL100 Group Cat4 Atlas. Loadout wise, I ran the farming build covered in my other post with Archaeolo-Jess in main


Whether or not you have a dedicated group to do this with, it remains one of the best methods to obtain gold in the game currently. Running teleporters yield you more free time to run around and farm around the map which is a decent quality of life improvement. Even if you are not into the gold nor materials, the beta storm is, at the very least, a very fast way of obtaining tickets for the troll stash llama. Alright as always, thanks for reading and good luck farming!

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