Raid Possibilities?

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Fortnite Save the World Raid Script/Story/Objectives

Cinematic Introduction: Fly in past a floating Lars' van, high over an island with an incredibly thick and raging storm overhead.

Lars: Uh Ray… Im picking up something suuuuuper crazy on my storm tracker..

Ray: What do you think it is Larz?

Lars: I don’t know yet, its bigger than anything ive ever seen. I think we’re gonna need some boots on the ground for this one. I cant even begin to count how many husks are down there youre gonna want some big guns!

Ray: Alright Commander, this is our chance to be on the offensive. Get some radars set up to figure out what is creating this storm!

Spawn in a Forest setting. Plenty of sleeping mobs and resources to top off any inventory and crafting needs. (RARE DROPS: Raid Material “Storm Crystal” formations around, only about 2 or 3)


Objective: Build and Defend the 3 Radar Tower. (Gadgets strongly recommended) Enemies: As the first piece of the tower is placed, various spawn points send out multiple waves while team builds tower. Waves consist of mob, husky, multiple waves with propane, waves of 2 smashers.

Once a tower is built, that area of spawns fade away.

Ray: One tower down, two to go!

Repeat above next tower

Ray: One more to go!

Finish last tower

All towers light up and send out a pulse. Last crash of multiple lightning strikes around the woods away from towers.

Ray: COMMANDER! What w…at sound?! Are you O…..(Radio starts to crack and lose connection)

Radio Crackling and fading off.


Objective: Defend the towers from waves of mobs and smashers, throwers spawn every 5 seconds or so in different areas (someone has to be on thrower duty, definitely in need of a constructor and also someone with teleporters to get from tower to tower quickly. Or jump pads. Towers should be spaced appropriately to allow for those options) Set timer for 5 mins or more.

At the end of the timer, a special type of smasher – has three health phases, switches between the 3 elements but switches randomly between them. After encounter is over, boss drops cache of raid materials with the chance of prebuilt raid weapons. SUPER RARE: Schematic Cache containing Raid gear.


Ray: Fading back in “and then they just stopped responding… I hope they are ok…OH COMMANDER! Oh good you’re alive! Iiiii mean OF COURSE YOURE ALIVE! What in the smasher fist was that?!

Lars: Ray? that radar boost gave me a clear look at the problem! Ray: What do you got?

Lars: There is a collection of rifts around a single VERY large encampment. All that energy is feeding right into the storm above.

Ray: So it’s up to us to get in there and shut that encampment down before it can get any bigger! I’ve marked the location Lars gave me. You should be able to see the problem from there! Get moving!

Team has to move towards the newly marked location. Scattered throughout the map are randomly generated and appear in different locations every time. Outlanders keen eyes can spot them. Whole team gets items inside. Once reaching the site, a large beam of lighting and clouds is pouring out of the ground. An entrance can be seen on the side of the island and is the only way into the cave. Once inside, they come across a wide-open cavern with a giant Encampment tower in the center.

Ray: Give them all you got Commander!

Encounter: Giant Encampment

Waves spawn in order of increasing difficulty. After # of waves, Multiple Anomaly’s spawn in around the cavern. Once started they send pieces all over the cavern that the team needs to collect all places while waves of Pitchers spawn in quick succession. Finishing the anomaly stage causes a special boss to appear from the doorway.

Ray: I have never seen anything like that! But you know what, the bigger they are, THE MORE LOOT THEY CARRY! BRING HER DOWN!

Large Green-Flame Thrower. Shielded by multiple shielding husks, only loses shield once all of them are destroyed. Throws flaming green heads in quick arcs. On impact, heads explode dealing damage but also spawn dwarf husks from point of impact that quickly attach to players.

REWARDS: Raid weapons ONLY acquired by finishing raid. Either Schematics of the weapons, or prebuilt. Medium Cache of Hero XP, Schematic XP, High level materials. Small cache of Raid specific crafting materials needed for Raid weapons.

Just my thoughts, let me know what you think!

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