[RANT] I’m fed up with this community in general

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I've got into a game… Never thought I would have my blood boil this much. Here's the story :

I was playing as a constructor in a Ride the Lightning mission, another constructor joined in who had the word "Britain" in his name.

He had difficulties to ask me in english if I had launch traps to put on our base.

The outlander started trashtalking him because he didn't speak english well despite his name.

The constructor said that he had difficulties because he's 10 years old (don't know if it's true, but it looked like it at least).

So they started to talk back at each other, but clearly the outlander was being a d*ck… Like saying that constructors should be happy to be able to build when this as*hole wasn't getting bluglo for the mission, didn't gave ressources and didn't put traps, because you know he's an outlander so he should be happy to gather and give ressources to the team.


He did put a fragment lama, but come on it almost doesn't help if you don't give more ressources to your constructor. I'm glad I'm playing hotfixer because damn I would have to gather ressources in private missions each time if I want to play my role.

I can fully understand that people can be pissed about somebody (like I am right know), but for a stupid reason like that and especially behaving like that…

I hope this kid will still continue to enjoy the game because myself after that… I'm fed up with this community in general.

Don't get me wrong, I know they are good players out here, but I got too much as*holes in my games recently… Maybe I'm one of them who knows, but at least I'm trying to play the game as intended.

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