[rant] Stop putting me in the same game over and over when I leave the lobby.

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So I'm sitting here right now trying to find a game to play in a level 70 4 player match because it's the only one on the map right now that matches my main quest progression. Unfortunately it's also an alert for a an epic weapon.

The first game it dropped me in had two level 40 players, a twitch soldier and snuggle specialist sarah.

I left, because I'm not carrying people who aren't appropriately levelled for the area.

Now I'm sitting on the same lobby over and over, watching the chat as one begs for resources and the other asks if he should evolve any of his traps.

A level 36 outlander joined shortly after I did. "Fu*k it" I say, I'll enter the game. I have no other choice apparently, so I bring my constructor and get to work.

The outlander notices I'm building outward slanted roofs, and tells me I'm an id*ot I should be building a pyramid. On a 3x3x2 objective. The soldier asks if I have any malachite, because of course he does. I ignore the soldier while watching the outlander edit all my roofs. I decide to let him figure out on his own why a pyramid won't work in that configuration.

I build a trap tunnel at a chokepoint, with wall launchers knocking the husks off the edge of the map. At this point the ninja decides to make herself helpful by building walls at the opposite side for me with what appear to be grey, unlevelled wooden wall spikes. How thoughtful.


I drop my BASE at another chokepoint that's likely to see a lot of traffic, so it can passively repair any damage and collect the kills for shockwave. Now the ninja has decided to camp it for free recycling resources. He's going to be waiting a while, as my constructor does not have the recycling perk but this doesn't put him off from waiting for the remaining duration of the countdown.

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The soldier meanwhile, having received no free malachite from his fellow players decides to try a new tactic – He'll trade malachite for a level 82 nocturno, a feat that seems pretty impressive given that he's going to need the malachite to craft in the first place. (Spoiler: I checked his schematics on and he doesn't have nocturno)

Eventually the mission begins and the outlander dies pretty much immediately. The soldier concludes that the best strategy is to run away and sits at the opposite side from where the enemies are spawning and pick off what little of the horde trickles around to him. The ninja continues to stare intensely at my BASE in the hopes of catching it trying to do a sneaky recycle.

I do my best, but alas I'm just not strong enough to completely solo a 4 player difficulty mission and I don't have the time to prepare the kind of trap configuration required to compensate for these people. We lose after around 4 minutes and the outlander blames everyone else.

Please Epic, either let me filter low levels out of matchmaking or don't put me into a lobby that I've already left.

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