[Rant] Why I feel STW is losing my interest.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - [Rant] Why I feel STW is losing my interest.

This is 100% a rant out of frustration with the game, I expect to be downvoted to hell or have my post removed, but there are so many problems with this game that are really not being addressed by Epic Games in any way, shape, or form, and it is absolutely killing this game (Or at least my will to play it). There are definitely some problems with this game that probably cannot be addressed, but they are still just as frustrating.

I'll try to address every little thing that I think is pushing me away from this game point by point.


First and foremost the Trollers/AFKers/Leechers are still very prevalent in the game, and have only gotten worse as time has gone on, maybe it got worse when the game went on sale and skins were introduced as a reward for Battle Royale for purchase of the game, idk.

But to have no system in the game that is really doing anything to stop these people from getting away with spending 20 minutes in a mission literally doing nothing and getting the same reward as the player who does everything is beyond stupid. The report system doesn't do anything, why would there not be a vote to kick system in the game? (Yes obviously there are problems with this system as well with people queuing into games with a majority of the lobby being friends (3/4) and vote kicking randoms out of the game so they don't get rewards). But I think it's a lot better alternative to the current situation that we're in.


This one is far less annoying than the previous bunch of people but it's still cancerous in and of itself. Maybe I'm the only one that has noticed this trend, maybe I'm super unlucky with who I get matched with, but. With the removal of global chat and founders chat, you have essentially flooded the missions with traders, no longer are they spamming in those previously mentioned chats, they are sitting in a trade box in the middle of the mission literally doing nothing and getting the same rewards as the people doing all of the work, your only hope here is to finish this mission before they can finish their 'trade' cough scam.

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Mission rewards are a joke, especially higher power level missions, there is nothing wrong with having a grind in a game, but when I need spend 6 hours to grind enough survivor XP to level a survivor once, there might be a problem. Not to mention there is a massive imbalance with certain materials being almost impossible to acquire consistently (TRAINING MANUALS) complete a 'Deliver the bomb mission in a +64 zone 3 times' for 1 training manual, yeah really fun guys. The cram session has actually helped quite a bit in terms of making missions feel more rewarding (I know a lot people don't like this event) But I think it might be a step in the right direction.


This one is far less important than the former points, but as someone who has almost no friends who play this game, the inability to properly search for team mates and almost always having to solo my storm shield defenses is a very frustrating process, give me the option to search for help, and then START THE MISSION WHEN I WANT TO, it's really just that simple.

There are probably a lot more that I forgot, but I just couldn't think of them at the time, if you feel like I missed some points, or I'm completely wrong about something, leave a comment.

Should probably also mention that I'm PL 69 right now, with a decent amount of time into the game, I'm obviously not power level 125 super end game player at the moment, but I've played enough to experience the game enough to have an opinion.

TL;DR: I'm salty.

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