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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - ray story

It was 12 AM at homebase, Ray was up all night finishing her work. She’s finally done and she checks the clock, it’s 4 AM. She yawns as she prepares to head into her room to have a long restful sleep. She leaves the working room and go to the hallway that have many survivor and hero rooms where they sleep. Ray walks the hallway to her room that is at the end, but to her sudden surprise, she hears some strange noises coming from behind her. Ray looks back, trying to find the source of the noise. Only to find that one of the room lights are on, it’s weird for anyone to be awake at this time. Ray decides to approach the room to see if whoever is making that noise is okay. Ray gets close enough to the room to make out what the noise was, it was people talking. Ray continues to approach that room and reaches it, she rotates the door knob and opens the door. And to her surprise, she finds a very shocking scene in front of her. It was all 4 members of steel wool, Lars, Anthony, Carlos, and syd. all four of them sleeping on the same bed and sharing the same blanket. Ray sees the worried look on their face, she knows that they are worried by her presence. Eye contact is shared between ray and steel wool with none of them saying anything. They continue to stare at each other for a few awkward seconds until Ray decides to speak and ask what is going on because she is worried now too. Steel wool defuses the situation and say nothing is going on and they are just preparing to sleep. Ray is not convinced by their words, it seemed to ray like they are hiding something under the blanket. Ray thought about it for a few seconds until her intelligent micro mind gave her the orders to pull the blanket off them and see what is happening under it. Ray pulled the blanket and what she saw was shocking but also satisfying, she saw all four of them completely naked and they were holding each other’s dicks. Ray feels something weird going inside of her, as if her robotic breeding sensors are suddenly turned on for the first time ever. Ray felt the urge to let them mate her charging hole. She gets close to Lars first, start jerking him off. Lars felt like he is in the clouds while the other steel wool members were still shocked trying to understand what is going on. But soon after, each one of them got his hand job from ray. Ray is now deciding who’s dick to suck first by inserting it in her vocal ports. Ray ends up sucking all of their steel dicks and they had a long night of sex. Steel wool penetrated every single hole of ray, and she enjoyed them all. Ray’s battery starts to run out and she knows it’s time to sleep and recharge. Ray goes to her room and sleep, happy while her her insides are full and her holes are covered with steel wool seed. She slept in pleasure, knowing that she will wake up another day to have sex with steel wool.


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