Re-Perk should unlock that perk slot so that it can be switched back and forth.

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I took my maxed out Super shredder and RePerked the Energy to Physical, then the 5.0 patch hit and I want it back to Energy.

This got me thinking, When we RePerk we should actually be unlocking that perk slot and from then on we should be freely able to modify the schematic (outside of zone) to previously unlocked perk slots.

Sure you can then take your favorite gun and unlock each of the 3 main elements, then craft 1 or 2 of each.

But on top of that if you get a new favorite hero with reload speed perk that does not stack well with the reload speed perk of your favorite gun you should be able to reperk that gun to magazine size instead while still being able to switch it back to reload speed later on without it costing another 1000 RePerk. Or switch it over to durability to make a couple copies for your best friend.


Personally I am ok since I had almost a years worth of great perk weapons saved up when the Recombobulator hit. I am still sitting on around 15k RePerk. I can only imagine how hard new players are feeling the squeeze with a decent-to-good new weapon released in the store every week and other things grabbed from llamas that all need to be reperked in order to be "perfect"

It seems obvious that at some time they will go to a system where you are actually unlocking the perkslots instead of switching the perk slots. It will be a rather player friendly change and adds another layer of customization to be able to tweak your gun between missions by swapping out any of the previously bought perk slots.

So it makes sense for this change to happen sooner than later as players will feel a bit burned over "wasted reperk" unless Epic has logs to retroactively unlock the slots we have already paid for (or the ability to gift us half the perkup we have spent or something like that)

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