Realistic comparison between the level 20 & 25 perks

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There had been some hot discussions on the last two perks of late. I enjoyed reading all of them. Unlike other posts, I am not going to bored you to death with numbers and formulas. Here is my experience as a daily player everyday (currently PL103 UAH using AR).

This post first examines 3 perks in random order

a) Snare / Snare DMG

b) Affliction / Aff DMG

c) %Damage after 5 headshots / Mist monster DMG

I agree that in math and in theory and in some instances of playing, the c) can be highest damage output. If and when you're shooting Mist monster only. But the game is not just Mist monster only. Is it? I want to kill all husky husk. Why have a Mist monster perk that is used only 15% of the time?

In real life, here is what I know. I don't headshot 100% of the time. To get 5 headshot in a row, I say at best 40%? Are you on console? Ok, good luck to you! I can do two headshots in a row in 80% of the time. But 5? Yes, if you're facing smasher, it maybe 100% (smasher not facing you? too bad). But on average, I give myself the benefit of the doubt, 40%, cause I shoot small guys too (they don't stand still and ask me to shoot them in the face).


Now, the game is not just defending the objective. I do run around and do my daily, event quest, farm, save survivors for trophy or whatever. I don't have traps or put down traps when I run around for that. I have to kill everything that moves, not just Mist monster. So, I find and concluded b) Affliction is the best. a) is my 2nd. I can shot husk until it about 90% life left, move to the next husk to save a bullet. Where do you get free lunches? You have it at b), cause you still do damage when you're not doing anything. But that's just my playing style.

Conclusion: Take whatever you read with a grain of salt. Check it with your playing style and knowledge. Does it make sense? Go out and have fun.

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